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Togo: USA and Germany launch stability mechanism

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by: Simona Salvi | February 26, 2024

The United States and Germany have launched the Coastal States Stability Mechanism for conflict prevention in Togo. It is a program that aims in particular to “strengthen the presence of the State and the resilience of communities in remote areas” of the countries where it is launched. According to local media reports, in Togo the mechanism will support the emergency program for the Savannah region (Purs), launched by the government in favor of the northern area of ​​the country.

“The U.S. government’s commitment to preventing conflicts before they erupt is strong. We firmly believe that, in partnership with governments, organizations and communities, we can foster long-term regional stability,” commented US Ambassador Elizabeth Fitzsimmons. For her part, the German ambassador, Claudius Fischbach, added: “For us it is essential to support the operational coordination of the Purs to allow a rapid and effective response to the challenges of the Savannah region”.

Purs is already supported by the World Bank and the West African Development Bank.

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