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Top 100 Chinese Quasi-Unicorn Enterprises in 2022

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Top 100 Chinese Quasi-Unicorn Enterprises in 2022
RK enterprise industry
1 China Reserve Intelligence Logistics and transportation
2 Innosec semiconductor
3 Auscom medical health
4 Smart Plus Technology artificial intelligence
5 Cloud Migration Technology Marketing SaaS
6 Microstep online cyber security
7 MINIEYE car traffic
8 New Kangzhong car traffic
9 Xinmai Medical medical health
10 He Fu Lo Mein food consumption
11 cloud account Corporate Services
12 super orangutan fitness service
13 patpat Cross-border e-commerce
14 Pharaoh Corporate Services
15 Oh Fun Technology mobile office
16 Digital Technology data service
17 HungryPanda Takeaway service
18 ADVANCE.AI data analysis
19 flash Logistics and transportation
20 Fornojian Biology medical health
21 goose pass data service
22 Tiandihui Logistics real estate
23 Excellent Medicine medical health
24 Yifang Bio medical health
25 Union Medical medical health
26 Cytek Biosciences medical health
27 Senyi Smart Smart medical
28 Nets Technology Corporate Services
29 Easy Point Cloud smart hardware
30 Jane Eyre Yogurt living consumption
31 Wisdom Teeth Technology Intelligent customer service
32 Runmed Medical medical health
33 Sensory Data data service
34 A pulse of sunshine medical health
35 Yaojie Ankang medical health
36 Lenore Medical medical health
37 turn around second-hand trade
38 USHOPAL sales marketing
39 Lipin Cloud sales marketing
40 Culimin Bio medical health
41 Zhuoer Mathematics Corporate Services
42 Haizhiwangju Smart government
43 Lostone Robot robot
44 Hanyu Medical medical health
45 Changfeng Pharmaceutical medical health
46 High grade biology medical health
47 Easy Express SaaS service
48 Kyligence data service
49 Fourier Intelligence Technology robot
50 part-time guest Corporate Services
51 Defeng Technology Industrial Internet
52 Sharp Stone Chuangxin semiconductor
53 Wen Yin Internet Fintech
54 Kelai Network Corporate Services
55 Crystal Technology semiconductor
56 Laikai Medicine medical health
57 Jian Daoyun zero code
58 payroll HR SaaS
59 distant gene medical health
60 Humi Net Industrial Internet
61 South Core Semiconductor semiconductor
62 Xiaoman Technology SaaS service
63 pet Domestic services
64 Weimai Medical medical health
65 Douxiang Technology security service
66 Ruifan Technology Corporate Services
67 Danno Medicine medical health
68 Yikang Gene medical health
69 kiss baby mother and child care
70 Gaoxian Robot robot
71 Luxin Technology semiconductor
72 Tianyun Big Data data analysis
73 Yifei Automation robot
74 Lanyu Biology medical health
75 Polycore Microelectronics chip
76 Borui Collection semiconductor
77 Zhuyun Technology cloud service
78 Creech medical health
79 Omni Medicine medical health
80 Chacha Corporate Services
81 Yi Miao Shenzhou medical health
82 Huadao Biology medical health
83 Oppo Mandy medical health
84 Voda Semiconductor semiconductor
85 Hiring Cloud Corporate Services
86 Leyan Technology artificial intelligence
87 MetaApp APP service
88 Intourcare Medical medical health
89 Polymaker new material
90 Woqu Technology data service
91 Huaqiyun Corporate Services
92 Changyang Technology Internet of Things
93 a microsemiconductor semiconductor
94 Dingjing Biology medical health
95 Koya’s Ark medical health
96 SinoVision medical imaging
97 Black Lake Intelligent Manufacturing data service
98 Giant Sequoia Database data service
99 Kellogg logistics robot
100 Pot Ring Food Collection food and beverage
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Unicorn Dream

In a sense, the creation of the word “unicorn” is an invisible coronation.

In 2013, venture capitalist Aileen Lee added the special designation to unlisted startups valued at $1 billion or more. At the time, a company with such a high valuation was rare, and its existence meant something unusual. Either to create new vitality for the world economy, or to change the way of life of human beings, the three words “unicorn” represent infinite creativity and subversive expectations.

Apple opened the era of touch-screen mobile phones, Facebook built a new social network based on real life, Netflix created streaming movies, domestic Alibaba opened the e-commerce era of online shopping, and WeChat brought simplicity and convenience to the whole people. . . . Unicorns give entrepreneurs and investors confidence with their unstoppable momentum.

In 2014, when Xiaomi’s valuation reached 45 billion US dollars, the upsurge of entrepreneurship in the technology Internet industry was completely ignited. In 2012, the number of unicorn companies in China and the United States was only about 3, and so far, according to the data released by the Hurun Research Institute, the number of unicorn companies in the world has reached 1,058, an increase of 80% year-on-year, of which 487 are in the United States, 301 in China.

Behind the astonishing figures is the industry’s infinite expectations for unicorn companies. The crown of “unicorn” means industry leaders, strong creativity, and double the ability to create wealth. Compared with innovative achievements The more obvious change in recent years has been the unprecedented influx of capital into these start-ups.

When dreams are broken

Although people don’t want to see it, things do go in another direction that is not in line with the initial expectations. A strange investment logic appears: the sooner the venture capital project achieves a high valuation, the more successful it will be, and the higher the valuation, the more successful it will be. Many unicorn companies have put more energy on financing instead of innovation and operation. After financing, the focus is not to improve technology and services, but to invest in advertising, buy traffic to obtain a higher valuation, and finally hit the market.

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A road of innovation and development has become a road to IPO wealth creation, but in fact, there are no real winners on this road. In 2019, the news that WeWork, a well-known unicorn company in the United States, cancelled its listing plan shocked many people. Its valuation fell from US$47 billion. Forbes even gave a valuation of US$2.8 billion, and investor Sun Zhengyi said. , SoftBank lost more than 720.8 billion yen (about 47.7 billion yuan) on the WeWork project.

The country is also not optimistic. Last year, the unicorns Yunzhisheng, Yitu Technology, and Hesai Technology successively stopped their IPOs; in May this year, the flexible screen unicorn Royole Technology, which was once valued at over 50 billion, fell into the severance of employees and arrears of wages. In the crisis of debt and close to collapse, the artificial intelligence unicorn cloud went public from technology, which was 29% lower than its pre-listing valuation.

The emergence of regulation is a big blow to these start-ups, but the timely pain is a friendly reminder than the bursting of the bubble. After all, the ultimate purpose of regulation is to improve the economy. On January 29 last year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the “Regulations on On-site Inspection of IPO Enterprises”. The on-site inspection methods include checking business premises, obtaining capital flow, and visiting customers and suppliers. For randomly selected enterprises, on-site inspections focus on matters such as the quality of financial information disclosure.

This means that those who cash out and fish in troubled waters may be expelled from the market, the market is expected to return to a benign competitive environment, and the quality of listed companies will likely be improved through incentives and competition. However, it is impossible for the market to be completely positive. Since Internet companies are always at the forefront of innovation and development, the pace of supervision generally lags behind the pace of market advancement. Therefore, it is necessary to create a better development environment for outstanding technology companies. The level of supervision has been gradually and gradually improved at a deeper level.

after the storm

After the storm, both entrepreneurs and investors will realize that what an excellent technology company needs is not an empty valuation that is convenient for financing, nor is it a unicorn “crown” that cannot reflect the true value of the company. In other words, there must be business factors that support its valuation in a long-term and stable manner. He took Xiaomi as an example, and pointed out sharply, “Taking off the halo of the explosive model, what we see is a business model with too low-end scenarios and data, and there is no bright spot to speak of… Lack of real meaning. In terms of innovation, Xiaomi’s infinite scenery today is just a dance on the edge of a cliff.”

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Whether it is a hardware company or an Internet company has always been a debated issue in the industry. Starting from Xiaomi itself, it has always been a vision to “be China‘s Apple” and to build a home IoT ecological chain.

Apple changed the mobile phone industry, “destroyed” the PC with the iPad, and the iPod reshaped the music industry and created an entire ecosystem. And Xiaomi’s ecological chain, as its biggest selling point in the capital market, uses a mobile phone as a port to control home devices to create a home Internet of Things, but it cannot be defined as innovation in the true sense.

The value of the Internet of Things lies in “connection”, which can only be controlled by mobile phones, and there is no real chemical reaction between products. The essence is still that traditional devices increase network connectivity, but the real value of the Internet from software, services and data is not fully represented. Of course, looking for flaws is to go far in the future, and Xiaomi’s story is not over yet.

But real innovation must solve industry pain points and bring about change. An excellent start-up company requires people to put in thousands of times of efforts, long-term technical talents and top-notch technical products, and more pragmatic, innovative, enthusiastic and energetic emerging forces to develop new technologies, new formats, and new models. , promote the adjustment of industrial structure, and promote the substantial improvement of national economic strength and comprehensive national strength. This is the true value of a unicorn or quasi-unicorn.


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