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Tortonese breeder evades the tax authorities by selling purebred puppies

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TORTONA. The tax police of Tortona discovered a tax evasion of several tens of thousands of euros resulting from the sale of purebred puppies by a Tortona breeder.

The investigations carried out by the Tortona Fiamme Gialle have made it possible to bring out the entrepreneurial character of the activity that until then had been cleverly “disguised” as an amateur activity, exempt from any tax obligation.

In this way, the breeder was able to hide the profits from the sales of the puppies by not filing the relevant tax return for over 5 years.

The financiers carried out an analytical feedback activity, checking, at the ASL, the documentation concerning the reports of the births of the litters and taking information directly from the purchasers of the animals, identified through the mandatory documents for updating the Canine Registry. In this way they managed to reconstruct the amount of sales systematically hidden from the tax authorities with serious damage caused to the state coffers.

The action of the Financial Police continues to combat tax evasion in a sector, such as dog breeding, which is very widespread in the Tortona area and very important for the local economy. “Hence the importance of the” surgical “action of the Guardia di Finanza – they say from the command – against tax evaders and fraudsters and to protect, as well as the state coffers, also the interests of the many dog ​​breeders who honestly carry out the their work “.

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