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Tourism, 1.8 million Italians in tents, caravans and campers

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About 1.8 million Italian tourists have decided this summer to spend their holiday outdoors in a tent, caravan or camper, to reconcile the needs of independence, flexibility and savings with the desire to stay with their family by reducing contacts with the outside world to a minimum due to the fear of Covid infections.

Tourism: summer satisfies restaurants and beaches, not cities of art

The Parma Motorhome Show

The growth figure emerges from a Coldiretti / Ixè analysis which, on the occasion of the Salone del Camper in Parma, photographs a consolidated interest in outdoor holidays in times of health emergency, with the registrations of new campers that in the first half of 2021 they showed an increase of 38% compared to the first half of 2020, according to numbers from APC. If younger people – Coldiretti underlines – prefer the tent, people of more mature age and with greater financial resources prefer the caravan and above all the camper on which half of the open-air tourists travel. A people on the move that – Coldiretti specifies – particularly appreciates weekends even in September which represents an excellent opportunity to visit villages and countryside before surrendering to everyday life Together with flexibility – continues Coldiretti – and the possibility of visiting more places during the travel by camper allows you to have an “integral” tourism experience in a few days, but also to change your mind depending on the conditions of the place or the weather.


Tourism and services are driving the recovery

A boom in outdoor tourism that accompanies the towing of services in the summer of 2021 in the boost to economic growth. Industry, the main driver so far, is gradually passing the baton to services in driving growth, in fact, the Confindustria Study Center notes in its flash economy. The Pmi indices, notes the Csc, show a slowdown in industry in the last three months (60.9 in August from 62.3 in May) and an acceleration in services (58.0 from 53.1). This happens, in part, because the scarcity of some production inputs, which had already been worrying for some months, is starting to weigh on Italy too. Industrial production grew in the 2nd quarter a little less than the 1st (+ 1.2% vs + 1.5%) and the 3rd quarter started at a slower pace: in July there was a +0.8 % and the change acquired for the quarter is + 0.9%; then in August the expectations on production and orders fell. And partly, because there have been no other blocks for services: there has been a summer recovery in tourism, even if we are still far below the pre-Covid values ​​and the confidence of service companies has lost very little in August.

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