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Tourism, demand is growing but it is an emergency for the staff

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Tourism, demand is growing but it is an emergency for the staff

Overall, the tourist flows of the 25 April Bridge went as planned but this second bridge saw the seasonal emergency explode in all its gravity, or the great difficulty with which tourist companies try to recruit staff for the upcoming summer season. but without success. «The biggest problem for tourism businesses this summer will be finding seasonal staff – warns Marina Lalli, president of Federturismo -. We will have customers, but we will not have who will take care of them. Nobody is willing to give up subsidies for seasonal work ».

Rinaldis: We need a reorganization of the work

Kitchen brigades cut in half, staff in small numbers, empty reception areas are tangible signs of how the hospitality industry is understaffed. Those who apply want to work illegally, avoiding taxes and contributions, perhaps maintaining the citizenship income (rdc). In the province of Savona, for example, between 12 thousand and 15 thousand seasonal workers would be needed in Rimini, the holiday capital in Romagna at least 5,500 employees. “It is a prudential estimate that does not consider related activities – explains Patrizia Rinaldis, president of Federalberghi Rimini -. For many services it may be necessary to think of a new and profound reorganization of the work despite the fact that hospitality is made up of a personal relationship “.

Missed opportunity

Aldo Mario Cursano, Vice President of Fipe-Confcommercio, adds: «The lack of seasonal workers did not allow us to fully grasp this breath of fresh air because many businesses have reduced service hours or closed more days. Some only offered dinner. The lack of adequate personnel and professionalism is becoming a very serious problem for the tourism and catering sector ». Bernabò Bocca, president of Federalberghi, goes straight to the point. «Paradoxically, at this moment it is more difficult to find employees than customers. It is very difficult for hotels to find staff and the rdc for many becomes an excuse for not working ». Those who want to work go abroad. For Massimo Caputi, president of Federterme: «Many go abroad where the demand is divided and have more advantageous contracts because social security contributions have a much less impact. Others prefer the rdc and do odd jobs ».

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Good reservations

The conditions for a good season are there and have also been seen in this bridge despite the handicap of the weather. «From Easter onwards we have a good start to the season and in Rimini more than half of the hotels are already open – says Patrizia Rinaldis -. Bookings are going very well and with the arrivals of foreigners we expect a return to pre-pandemic levels, towards almost normalcy ». In the cities of art, families and many young people, very young, points out Aldo Cursano who explains: «It is a tourism of large numbers but very light in spending power. Budgets are significantly lower and high-spending tourism continues to be lacking. Of course there are some US guests but we are absolutely not in line with the pre-pandemic periods ». On the bridge, the Hotel Tenuta Di Artimino Melia Collection on Sunday saw an occupancy rate of 80% with European customers, “a good trend as a whole,” the hotel reported. “This April 25 confirmed the great desire of Italians to travel by selling out in many destinations. It is an Italian holiday, there are still few foreigners, but reservations make us confident and we expect a number of foreigners comparable to 2019 for the summer »concludes Marina Lalli.

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