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Toyota CH-R Prologue, the compact SUV will also be a plug-in hybrid

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Toyota CH-R Prologue, the compact SUV will also be a plug-in hybrid

It’s been eight years since Toyota launched the CH-R concept car at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. After the great success achieved by the first generation of the C-segment compact SUV, the Japanese brand has now presented the new C-HR Prologue. Made by Toyota’s French style center, the second generation of the C-HR will hit the road with a long list of new features starting with the presence of a plug-in hybrid engine.

Toyota C-HR Prologue

Presented at the 2022 edition of the Kenshiki Forum in Brussels, the Toyota C-HR Prologue anticipates the production model ready to hit the road with few changes. In fact, the Prologue wording, as happened in the past, anticipates a concept car with few variations compared to the version expected in the dealership. Bigger wheels with shorter overhangs improve the ride in every respect. At the same time, its sporty feel increases, its practical roominess inside also increases.

Characterized by taut and decisive lines, the CH-R Prologue will stand out in the crowded C-Suv segment for a style with a strong personality and for aesthetic customizations such as the 3-colour bodywork.

Toyota CH-R Prologue, all the photos of the C-Suv plug-in hybrid

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Toyota C-HR plug-in hybrid

The second generation of the Toyota C-HR will also come in a plug-in hybrid version, with batteries assembled in Europe. To this will be added the 100% hybrid version, thus offering a wide choice of electrified engines for the new Japanese C-segment SUV.

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