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Trade contract, renewal for 3 million people: 240 euro increase

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Trade contract, renewal for 3 million people: 240 euro increase

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The three million trade workers will have an increase of 240 euros and a one-off payment of 350. This is what is established by the hypothesis of an agreement signed by Filcams, Fisascat and Uiltucs with Confcommercio and Confesercenti, which arrived after more than 4 years of waiting. The contracts will be valid for three years, starting from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2027.

The negotiation has been unblocked in recent days, after remaining stalled for a long time following the bridge agreement signed in December 2022.

The complexity of the contractual process

The contractual process for this renewal was anything but simple. As Confederal Vice President Donatella Prampolini, President of the Confcommercio Trade Union Commission, explains, «he had to deal with the profound economic and social impacts of the pandemic emergency, geopolitical conflicts and the return of inflation. In a spirit of responsibility, the Parties nevertheless worked to achieve a result that took into account the macroeconomic indicators, compatible with their sustainability by companies”. At the end of the long negotiation, adds Prampolini “we are certain that the result of the renewal of the contract will contribute to strengthening relations between the parties and ensuring stable conditions for companies and workers in the sector until March 2027″. A note from Confesercenti highlights that the result achieved «is the result of a shared desire by the negotiating parties to combat the phenomenon of poor work with specific measures and give an adequate economic and regulatory response to millions of workers, while offering attention and the right importance to the emergence of new professional profiles linked to modern technologies, with the classification now extended to e-commerce, advanced tertiary and communication figures”.

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Economic forecasts

The hypothetical agreement signed provides for a contractual increase of 240 euros at the fourth level, to be re-measured. This means that with this renewal there will be the disbursement of a salary of 7,180 euros including the one-off payment of 350 euros, which will represent a further disbursement compared to that which already occurred last year. The first tranche of 70 euros will arrive from April 2024 and is added to the 30 euros previously agreed. An increase in the annual allowance for the elastic part-time clause has also been envisaged, which goes from 120 euros per year to 155.

Regulatory news

On the regulatory side, the sphere of application has been redefined and the classification of the new professional profiles in the sector has been updated. Furthermore, improvements on gender policies have been defined and further leaves of absence are foreseen for women victims of violence. Now it will be the workers who will have to express themselves in the assemblies. The general secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, considers the agreement as «the fruit of the workers’ struggles and rewards the innovative and stubborn line of the Fisascat CISL and the other categories». For the number one of the CISL «wages are significantly protected from inflation and significant rights are strengthened in a vital and rapidly evolving economic sector. It’s a good signal for the whole country.”

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