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Traders: “We are focusing on cross-country skiing and snowshoes to stop Champorcher’s death”

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The winter holidays are upon us and the association of traders Vivre Champorcher renews the positions of the board, launching new proposals. “We intend to revive the valley, which is dying – says vice president Christian Botton, who works alongside president Marisa Gonzales -. We want to be the voice of commercial activities, in order to create a united force that can contribute to the management of services and activities. For the winter season we intend to focus on the cross-country track and snowshoes because we realized, last year, which are an excellent alternative to downhill skiing ». Aurelio Danna, president of the Champorcher Ski Club, joins the proposals: «Last year the interest in cross-country skiing exceeded expectations. This year we are organizing courses for adults and children, also involving schools. Our problem, since the foyer is closed for extraordinary maintenance works, is to find a structure with toilets. We also hope that a way will be found to create a path dedicated to snowshoes. We intend to forward our requests to Monterosa ».

The Monterosa Spa company was awarded the management of the cross-country trails for the winter season. With a fee of 27,000 euros, which the Municipality will pay in Monterosa, three tracks will be managed: a green track of 2.5 kilometers, a red one of 3 kilometers and a blue one of 5 kilometers. And for the Christmas period: «We intend to collaborate with Vivre, Library, Pro loco for the opening of the season, on the Immaculate Conception, and to organize the New Year and entertainment for children. Furthermore, from 26 December the ski bus service will be guaranteed in collaboration with the Region »says Deputy Mayor Gabriele Osio.

The municipal administration is hoping for a thriving season, with heavy snowfalls. Osio adds: “The rumor is that it will be a winter, Covid restrictions permitting, from full house, with large tourist turnout. We therefore hope that it will be a moment of restart, after the forced stop of last ski season ». Botton concludes: «We also have a long-term vision and we will have to plan to extend the duration of the summer season and to make even the currently unproductive months attractive to tourists. We are thinking of asking for the construction of structures such as cycle paths, bike parks, adventure parks, skating rinks. We also want to create a website specifically designed for the Champorcher valley ».

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