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Traffic doubled on motorways – La Stampa

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How is motorway traffic in Italy? Is it recovering or is it still affected by the neck due to the pandemic? A significant indication comes from the Infoblu Mobility Trend edited by Infoblu, a company of the Telepass group, which compares the movements of December 2021 and that of December 2020, registering + 92% for light vehicles and + 26% for heavy ones. In particular, the mountain regions, Trentino-Alto Adige, Valle d’Aosta and Veneto, recorded December as one of the record months of traffic on motorways and roads, respectively of + 258.86%, + 298.70% and + 135.78%.

Beyond the peak of traffic recovery in December 2021, the Infoblu Mobility Trend presents a general picture of traffic movements on the Italian motorway and road network of the past year. The 2021 data, in comparison with 2020, confirm that, both month over month and since the beginning of the year there has been a strong recovery in traffic. Over the entire year there is a general increase in traffic on motorways of 36.78% for light vehicles and 17.63% for heavy vehicles. The increase was much more marked on light vehicles that had undergone major restrictions during the first lockdown. Heavy vehicles, which had decreased less, are closing the gap accumulated during 2020. As regards the differences between the various Regions, they must be related to the trend of the restrictions: the Regions that have suffered more severe restrictions are generally those that see the greater increase in light traffic.

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