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Transport bonus over 1 million. Start the new requests for monthly subscriptions

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Transport bonus over 1 million.  Start the new requests for monthly subscriptions

Il transport bonus exceeded 1 million applications. “One month after the launch of the Transport Bonus, the one million vouchers issued for a maximum amount of 60 euros each“, said the Ministry of Labor led by Andrea Orlando, who defines it” an important result achieved with the aim of supporting families, students, workers and retirees in a time of crisis also caused by the increase in energy prices “.

The dicastery also announces that from 1 October it is possible to request the bonus again for monthly passes, for those who have already used one in September, or for annual passes for those who have not yet requested it in the last month.

The bonus was established by the first decree Aidthe legislative decree 50 of 2022, and was increased from 79 to 180 million by the decree Aid bis (115). Finally, with the dl Aid Ter the fund dedicated to the disbursement of the contribution in the event of the purchase, by December 2022, of a subscription to local, regional and interregional public transport services or to national railway transport services was increased by a further 10 million euro. As the Inland Revenue portal, FiscoOggi, recalls, the voucher, equal to 100% of the expenditure to be incurred and, in any case, within the limit of 60 euros, is up to individuals with 2021 income not exceeding 35 thousand euros, is personal and non-transferable, constitutes taxable income and is not relevant for the purposes of the ISEE. The presentation of applications and the method of disbursement were governed by the inter-ministerial decree of 29 July last.

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At the national level – the Ministry of Labor said they are involved about 1,115 public transport companies road and rail, which have activated monthly, multi-monthly and annual subscriptions. Until next December it will be possible to request the benefit, for oneself or for a dependent minor. The Bonus is recognized exclusively to individuals who in the year 2021 have achieved a total income not exceeding 35 thousand euros.

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