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Triumph Street Twin, how the “little” English classic goes

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In the full-bodied family of Triumph’s modern classics, the Street Twin represents the entry-level model, being offered at 9,250 euros, even with an A2 license kit that can be easily removed at the dealership. In 2021 it received a substantial update together with the Euro 5 adjustment of the 900 cc High Torque twin cylinder: despite the tightening on emissions, it now delivers 10 hp more than the previous version thanks to the crankshaft with reduced inertia, lighter countershafts, thinner clutch cover and magnesium timing cover, for a 4 kg slimming treatment. The maximum power of 65 hp is reached at 7,500 rpm, while the peak torque of 80 Nm is at 3,800 rpm, interesting values ​​for the genre of motorcycles, moreover easily manageable thanks to the ride-by-wire throttle. In addition, there is more headroom for each gear: the red zone has been moved forward by 500 rpm compared to the previous version. The model year 2021 then introduced other interesting innovations: a long saddle with thicker padding (10 mm more), new alloy wheels with machined details, and on the aesthetic front, new side panels and details in brushed aluminum (for example the supports of the lighthouse), which embellish the overall look.

How is it going

With the saddle that remains low despite the new padding – it is 765 mm high – placing your feet on the ground is an operation within everyone’s reach; the less tall will also benefit from the slim waist of this Triumph, which allows you to gain a few more centimeters. Like the sound of the engine: it remains civil, but has its own character and a rather low and “bad” sound. The extra horsepower of the my2021 is rather in the high area of ​​the rev counter: therefore, in the city, at low and medium revs, the Street Twin is always easily manageable, with a torque that does not put newbies in difficulty. The response of the engine to the throttle is always “urban”, even if a certain liveliness is not lacking, especially if it stretches a little. On the state roads, with several curves available (the chosen terrain for this bike), it is pleasant to drive using long gears and taking advantage of the elasticity of the twin-cylinder, capable of resuming without jolts from about 2 thousand laps. If you travel in the wet, you can take advantage of one of the two riding modes (the Rain, the other is Road), combined with the ride by wire control to limit the exuberance of the engine. In all conditions, the Street Twin remains surprisingly easy, even when opening the throttle with the bike folded: delivery is always regular; and then, in case of gravel or wet, there is the traction control to monitor the reactions of the rear. Even if the chassis is not that of a sports naked, the front is solid and transmits a good feeling to the rider. Braking is also good, with the new four-piston brake caliper offering just the right amount of power. At the end of the test we would have only wanted an even more padded saddle, but it is a matter of personal taste.

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