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turin. Businesses now fear slowdown: “At the end of 2021 there are signs of a slowdown”

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TURIN. “We entrepreneurs are closing 2021 with mixed feelings, taking note of a consistent recovery, but suspended between hopes and worries”. The president of the Industrialists’ Union, Giorgio Marsiaj, tells the prospects and fears for the year that has just opened in a long letter to the associated entrepreneurs. Starting from a fact: Turin actively participated in the great recovery of the economy, which was higher than expected. «In the last quarter, however, some symptoms of slowdown were highlighted. The hopes – writes the industrialist – are placed in the PNRR and in the reforms. The continuing Covid effect, however, makes everything more uncertain ». In addition to the colossal financial commitment put in place by the EU that is taking shape, there is above all “an objective recovery of the credibility of the country system”, thanks to the authority of the Draghi government. This “has important repercussions on the life of all our companies, because trust is one of the driving factors of an economy that moves in the global market”. However, the brilliant recovery of 2021 must not make us forget how since the financial crisis of 2008 Italy has fallen behind by about ten points compared to the main European countries.

“I dream – says Marsiaj – a 3% increase in GDP in 2023 and 2024 thanks to reforms, with particular attention to the weakest, increasing social inclusion”. The manufacturing ability to react was decisive for the recovery. In this dynamic picture, unexpected factors have emerged that suggest prudence in forecasts and prevent long-term planning. «I am thinking, for example, of the very rapid and unmanageable growth expected in 2022 in the costs of electricity (+ 150%) and gas (+ 320%) as well as raw materials. For now – according to the president of the Industrialists Union – the only certainty is the fact that we have to face major production problems ». In particular, the car is experiencing a difficult time, but Italy is the only one that does not foresee any specific industrial plan. «An extremely worrying situation especially for our territory, given the acceleration towards electrification. The transition to already established obligations will be very costly, both industrially and socially, with the risk of losing 70,000 jobs in Italy. The support measures will make the difference with the competitors ».

Another driving sector is the aerospace sector, of which Turin is the leader with over 350 companies, around 20,000 employees and 7 billion in turnover. «It is from these strong points that we have to start again. Our vocation is clear. It is not in Rome that the result of the PNRR will be played out, but in each local reality », urges Marsiaj. Among the strategic projects, the result of the collaboration between public and private, that will be activated are the SMTC, the City of Aerospace and the Health Park.

«I also want to strongly reiterate that I consider any compromise that plays downward with the health and safety of workers, who are the main wealth of companies, to be unacceptable. We have all the capabilities not only to restart, but to build a tomorrow in which our city will maintain a central role in the economic and social life of Italy “. –

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