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Turin is a candidate for the Festival of Economics: “La Stampa” launches a large collection of signatures

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In the crucial autumn for the restart of the country, it is time for Turin to make choices. To that of the next mayor, to those in the production field, now another is added: the Festival of Economics, an annual meeting of reflection, meeting and debate, will no longer take place in Trento.

This opportunity is precious, to discuss the profound changes triggered by globalization, the new “policies” imposed on governments by technological innovation, the new challenges for families and businesses deriving from the environmental and digital transition. And he is now looking for a new home.

We propose that this house be Turin.

Turin because here, starting from the second half of the nineteenth century, a network of university centers, scientific institutions and research centers of various ideological and political inclinations, linked to the reality of the economy, was formed.

Turin for its dense network of knowledge and skills that are both local, national and international.

Turin for its proven originality as a political and social, cultural and entrepreneurial “laboratory”.

Turin because here the economic analysis has always been linked with the productive reality and with public choices.

Turin because here, from the times of the Risorgimento to those of the “other restart” of the second post-war period, the future has always been thought of in constructive terms.

A future that today is both Italian, European and global.

The print it therefore proposes itself as a “pivot” of a larger operation, to which the most modern and dynamic forces of the city adhere. Ready now to “create a system”. The candidates-mayors, in full no-partisan spirit. The scientific community, in its most diverse articulations. The social partners, businesses and trade unions.

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We want to do it. We can do it.

The signatories

Chiara Hangers, mayor of Turin
Alberto Cirio, president of the Piedmont Region
Paolo Damilano, center-right candidate for mayor
Stefano Lo Russo, center-left mayoral candidate
Valentina Sganga, candidate for mayor M5S
Francesco Profumo, president of Compagnia di San Paolo
Giovanni Quaglia, president of the Crt Foundation
Giorgio Marsiaj, president of the Industrial Union of Turin
Dario Gallina, president of the Turin Chamber of Commerce
Giorgio Barba Navaretti, professor at the University of Milan and director of the Carlo Alberto College of Turin
Mario Deaglio, professor at the University of Turin
Elsa Fornero, professor at the University of Turin
Pietro Garibaldi, professor at the University of Turin
Stefano Geuna, Rector of the University of Turin
Gian Enrico Rusconi, professor at the University of Turin
Chiara Saraceno, professor at the University of Turin
Paolo Verri
Massimo Giannini, director of La Stampa

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