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Twitter panic: is the social network closing? Ultimatum Elon Musk triggers employee escape. And it’s #RIPTwitter

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Twitter panic: is the social network closing?  Ultimatum Elon Musk triggers employee escape.  And it’s #RIPTwitter

Employees of the new Twitter’s Elon Musk they are fleeing, responding to the new CEO’s ultimatum with a mass exodus: and so on the microblogging platform purchased by the founder and CEO of Tesla there is a boom in hashtags #RIPTwitter #TwitterTakeover #TwitterDown and, of course, #Mastodonthe name of the alternative social network to Twitter to which many users would be migrating.

Twitter is about to close, we read in the tweets circulating in the last few hours.

There are those who make the comparison with the sinking of the Titanic, who announces to his followers to start following him on Instagram or on Facebook; who complains that Elon Musk has decided to destroy the only (so far) most serious existing social network, who is ironic and who describes the new CEO of Twitter, already number one of the electric car giant Tesla and Space Xto be alone a brutal megalomaniac, and also a little (a lot) out of his mind.

In the last few hours there have been rumors about the decision of several employees to give them the hello to Elon Musk’s new Twitter, after the merciless ultimatum launched since now ex enfant prodige of the EV market to the employees: to those who had remained, after the maxi dismissal without notice that had sent half of them home.

Twitter and Elon Musk’s ultimatum: employees are not in it

Long hours of high-intensity work”Elon Musk had ordered Twitter employees days ago, with his ‘take or leave’ launched by email. Employees who don’t agree, Elon continued, should leave, with “three months of liquidation”.

A diktat that says a lot about what happened to the social network, which Elon Musk, at the time of launching the takeover offer, said he wanted to change because, in his opinion, it was not at the service of freedom of speech.

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“I have invested in Twitter since I believe in its potential to be a platform for free speech for the entire world, and I believe that freedom of speech is a social imperative for democracy to function. However, since making my investment I have come to understand that the company, as it stands, is not thriving e neither is it in the service of free speech. Twitter needs to be turned into a private company” (therefore unlisted)”, said the founder of Tesla just a few months ago.

the news of theElon Musk’s initial investment the group had arrived on April 4, when it was the SEC, the US Stock Exchange Authority, who announced that the manager had raked up a stake equal to 9.2% of the share capital. Then, the takeover bid launch which, from the very beginning, with Musk’s incoherent and delusional tweetshad ended up becoming a soap opera.

It now comes to say: he himself speaks of the right to speak, of freedom of expression, he who was also accused of literally kicking out (illegally) some employees of the other company of which he is CEO, Space X, and of the same electric car giant Tesla, just because they criticized him.

Earlier this year, SpaceX had fired nine employees for some comments they had made about Musk and the company’s culture, according to what emerged in some complaints presented to federal authorities.

Among those fired outright, even the authors of an open letter, which they defined “Elon’s Twitter comments sexist, inappropriate, derogatory”, according to what emerged from a document that was filed just the day before yesterday with the National Labor Relations Commission, the US National Labor Relations Board.

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CNBC reports that employees who have decided to leave Twitter have consulted in the Slack messaging app; several have posted in the group chat “watercooler” farewell messages, until Musk’s ultimatum expired, which was set for yesterday, 5 pm ET.

The mass exodus is such that, according to some rumors, Musk himself would have lowered the crest asking some employees, especially engineers, to consider the option to stay.

On the other hand, they are the ones who guarantee the functioning of the social network. An engineer, interviewed with CNBC, confirmed that the resignation has affected important divisions of the engineering unit of Twitter.

Entire teams representing critical infrastructure are voluntarily leaving the company, che now seriously risks not being able to recover”the source said. On the other hand, those who make it, wait for it, they say.”We’re solid professionals with plenty of options, and Elon has given us no reason to stay, giving us plenty to leave.”.

Elon Musk’s reputation as an employer is very bad:

several testimonies also from Tesla employees, who had revealed how many, in the company, didn’t even dare to express their opinions for fear of unleashing the entrepreneur’s fury.

Described by some as brilliant and highly intelligent, Elon Musk had also been accused of giving work autonomy “almost zero” to senior executives. A former manager had also revealed that Musk aimed to hit targets “unrealistic, without realistic plans that could tend to their realization”.

It’s a culture where if you don’t have the solution to a problem e you can’t solve the problem within a few days, or a week or two, you are out. So, it’s best to keep your mouth shut.”.

Honestly, who would want to have an employer like this?

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An indisputable jab at Muskreferring to the idea of ​​charging $8 to the profiles with blue tick – idea that the CEO was forced to abruptly withdraw after the chaos that exploded on the platform – see the Eli Lilly case and fake news free insulin – arrived in recent days from US Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

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