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Two deaths at work, in the province of Lecce and in the Mantua area

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Two deaths at work, in the province of Lecce and in the Mantua area

A 29-year-old worker who died of electrocution in the province of Lecce. Another, 52 years old, died run over by a forklift on a construction site in Castel Goffredo, in the province of Mantua. The toll of fatal accidents at work worsened on Monday with two more victims.

The accident in San Donato di Lecce

A 30-year-old worker, Antony Turnone, from Martina Franca, in the province of Taranto, died this morning in an accident at work near a photovoltaic plant in the countryside of San Donato di Lecce. The man was struck by an electric shock. The firefighters, the carabinieri of San Cesario di Lecce, the staff of 118, Spesal and Enel intervened on the spot. During the unloading maneuvers from a truck, the mechanical arm hit a high voltage cable producing the electric discharge.

«We are once again forced to comment on the news of a death at work with pain in our hearts. This time it was a young worker working on a photovoltaic field who lost his life. He leaves home in the morning to earn a living and then doesn’t come back. All this is unacceptable ». Thus Valentina Fragassi, Ada Chirizzi and Salvatore Giannetto, general secretaries of Cgil, Cisl and Uil Lecce, comment on the death of Antony Turnone. The president of the provincial advisory committee of Inail of Lecce, Donato Congedo, also expressed “condolences” for what happened. “Certainly not an isolated fact in our Salento” the unions highlight that also underline how “the Protocol on safety that will soon be signed in the Prefecture, together with the consequent establishment of the Provincial Occupational Safety Observatory, represent only the first steps of a path that it must absolutely be accelerated ».

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The accident in Castel Goffredo

A worker was killed by a forklift in the construction site of a retirement home in Castel Goffredo, in the Mantua area. The accident occurred in the early afternoon. The dynamics of the accident are not yet clear. An air ambulance intervened on the spot, but in vain. The Ats Valpadana occupational medicine technicians and the carabinieri also intervened for the surveys, alongside the firefighters who intervened to free the body left under the mechanical vehicle.

The worker who died in an accident at work in Castel Goffredo was 52 years old and, for the moment, his personal details have not been disclosed. The man, according to an initial reconstruction of the accident, was maneuvering a forklift inside a construction site when, for unknown reasons, he lost control of it. The vehicle overturned and the worker was crushed by the roof. The construction site is located inside the new private retirement home that is being built in Castel Goffredo and which will replace the current one, Il Gelso, now dilapidated.

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