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Ukraine, Conte says enough to arms: “I hope Schlein’s Pd says so too”

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Ukraine, Conte says enough to arms: “I hope Schlein’s Pd says so too”

Ukraine, new arms shipments: vote in Parliament, the centre-left splits

As for weapons to Ukraine “we have already given” and “that the Democratic Party can, even with the new leadership, make this choice in this direction that we have already undertaken”. M5s leader Giuseppe Conte said this on the sidelines of an initiative at Luiss, responding to those who ask him if there could be a convergence on the no to further shipments of weapons to Ukraine between 5 stars and democrats. “As regards the sending of weapons, we have already given,” explained Conte. “It is useless to get around it, at this point after a year and more we ask to concentrate our efforts on a diplomatic effort. We ask the Italian government to assume this responsibility. Obviously not alone, but there must be someone who makes a change, we want it to be Italy. This military escalation worries us, they drag us into war and in my opinion this is not the solution”.

The oppositions are preparing to present themselves in no particular order, tomorrow and Wednesday in the two houses of Parliament, for the vote in view of the European Council, which has support for Ukraine as the first item on the agenda. The center-right will present a joint resolution after the communications of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in the Chamber, Pd, M5s and Third Pole will each present their own diversified address document on the essential point: military support for Kiev, which the pentastellati will once again exclude, while Pd and Third Pole will confirm. A situation in which the center-right has an easy time stigmatizing the division of minorities. On Tuesday morning at 11.30 in the Senate, and on Wednesday morning at 9.30 in the Chamber, the Prime Minister will give the usual communications in view of the summit of 23 and 24 March.

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