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Ukraine, even Rovelli says stop: forward with the referendum to silence the no-pax

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Ukraine, even Rovelli says stop: forward with the referendum to silence the no-pax

Ukrainian war, President Mattarella “big boss” of the No-pax not paying attention to the Constitution

They say that on June 6, 2022, the humorous and irreverent definition was coined, “Mattarella no-pax(Affaritaliani, Monday, 6 June 2022).

Back then, less than 4 months after the invasion of Ukraine, it seemed that such a definition was really rash and, some wrote, a real insult. In fact, what to think of a President of the Republic who renounces any kind of peace, pilloried with language used for the most angry and radical no-vaxes, even against the tetanus vaccine? So, certainly an irreverent, hasty and perhaps ominous cartoon synthesis, but in today’s hindsight, decidedly spot on and proved to be… perfectly done.

It then became an official label with the book of Marco Travaglio released a few days ago (Scemi di Guerra. The tragedy of the Ukraine, the farce of Italy: a pacifist country taken hostage, by NoPax). Ours will take it, unfortunately for him and for us, to the grave. The history of this period will be remembered for its “no-pacifism”, reinforced by decisionism no-pax of the Piaciona.

no-pax rolling pin, official label because, again referring to the title of Travaglio’s book, who do you think of as the big boss of the no-pax? Who would we be held hostage by? Obviously by him, former American President, disturbed by the other who already feels like the First Female President of the Republic in pectore. It has a certain effect to see the apparent left-wing Christian Democrat as Grand Chief of the no-pax who, faced with two contenders who are firm in the same position (“We will not give up an inch of the occupied lands”) chooses to bring the people he represents, towards the “final solution” with the certainty that it would be the greatest carnage in history.

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A Christian Democrat should still have some remnants of Christian teaching. And a Christian, after John Paul II and Francis I asked for forgiveness for all the non-Christian behavior committed, from the wars “to export Christianity”, to ostracism, to non-Christian, even non-human behavior towards vadesi, he shouldn’t go back to making the mistakes of the past. therefore Mattarella and Piaciona, despite their performances, are not good Christians, as well as disrespectful of our Constitution. Putin has said he accepts the Pope as mediator between the two contenders, and are they two no-pax? In fact, they even go against their Pope, just to keep saying “We are all Americans“…

He, who should be an expert on Constitutions (of how one can become Sgarranti of the same, is certainly one of the leading experts) must have at least had the courage to rebuke Zelensky because in his very hasty Constitution, the Russian minority is not recognized, not even where this national minority is a local majority (Donbass and Crimea)!

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