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Ukraine, Russia disconnects from the internet

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Ukraine, Russia disconnects from the internet

In 4 days, exactly next March 11, Russia could be officially “out” from the world Internet, completing the isolation from global communications in place since the first day of the attack on Ukraine.

Sources expert in cyber-security confirm that Moscow has started preparations to transfer all transmissions, connections to servers and management of internal domains on a parallel network, the national intranet “Rucom”. This is what emerges from two documents sent by the Ministry of digital development, communication and mass media “to the federal executive authorities and the executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation”, and in which it is asked to “verify access to the personal accounts of the administrators of the domains of public sites on the Internet, update and (or) make the password policy more complex “with” the addition of authentication factors for users “, the displacement of transmissions to DNS servers located on the territory of the Russian federation , the deletion from HTML pages of all Javascript codes downloaded from foreign resources. Furthermore, if the sites use a foreign hosting, the public resources will be moved to a Russian hosting and it is then asked to move all the active sites on this intranet to a ‘.ru’ domain. The application of the measures will be reported to the Moscow Ministry of Digital Development by 15 March.

The move – hitherto unprecedented globally – does not come unexpected. Indeed, Moscow had been preparing for some time, given that the first official tests would have been conducted last summer. For some time, however, many regimes have been impatient with the management of the web at a global level in the hands of Icann, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, an independent organization that controls domains and addresses. But immediately after the outbreak of hostilities, it was the government of Kiev who had called for a “detachment” of Russia from the Internet. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov had in fact asked for the Web isolation of Moscow to prevent the spread of false news and hate messages. Today Moscow is playing in advance to prevent the spread of uncomfortable truths about war in the country, without denying its citizens access to the Internet.

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