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Unblocking layoffs, Upb: ‘It will encourage young people to enter’

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The release of layoffs will cause about 70,000 people to leave the production system, but will encourage the hiring of young people. To say it is the Parliamentary Budget Office according to which «the recent trends in production, turnover and orders lead us to assume that employers should have neither need nor convenience for large expulsions of labor force. It is estimated that the workers who could lose their jobs are in the order of 70,000 concentrated almost exclusively in industry ».

The memorandum relating to Sostegni bis filed with the Chamber also states that “the elimination of the redundancy block will favor employment policies in favor of individuals, especially young people, looking for work who in recent months have seen fewer employment opportunities “.

According to the Parliamentary Budget Office, job losses will be concentrated in industry because in construction – the other sector normally insured by Cigo – “net activations have already increased in all three contractual perimeters (fixed-term, open-ended and apprenticeship ) “.

The layoffs, continues the Public Accounts Authority, “will plausibly be staggered over time as the opportunities for turnover and recomposition of the workforce materialize and a share could also pass through the facilitated Cigo / Cigs”

The document also states that the families admitted to emergency income in 2020 on the basis of the various law decrees issued during the year were 426,000, with an average allowance of € 550 paid on average for 3.5 months for a total expenditure of approximately 830 million. Of these, 183,000 households received five months, 19,000 four months, 70,000 three months and 154,000 two months.

“About half of the beneficiaries of the Rem – explains the UPB – would have satisfied the set of access requirements also on the basis of the income and assets found in the pre-Covid period and just over a third would have met the requirements to access the RdC , without however having requested it in the past ».

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