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Union press release – Il Sole 24 ORE

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Union press release – Il Sole 24 ORE

Dear readers, dear readers,

we strongly distance ourselves from what was published in the Sole 24 Ore on Sunday 4 December under the headline «Focus China»: four pages of the newspaper were devoted to publicizing the results, prospects and attractiveness of the Chinese economy. Not with journalistic services, but in the ambiguous form of the “advertising”, where advertising contents are translated into graphics that create an evident risk of confusion for the reader.

What is not clearly indicated on those pages, in addition to the advertising matrix, is also the client, while the contents are very clear and the titles are eloquent (“The important results of the Chinese economy in the last decade”, “The quality growth of China ”, “A historic leap of the Chinese economy into the new era”, “China and the EU strengthen the synergy in development strategies”, “Chinese foreign trade is stable and is going far”), so much so as to make one think without too much difficulty of a institutional investor, especially in a country where the boundary between the economic system and the political apparatus is very blurred, if not non-existent.

And then, acting as a sounding board for the messages of a state where political pluralism is null, freedom of expression and the right to criticize are never recognized, the right even to the existence of minorities is denied, author of an aggressive and imperialist foreign policy , is in our opinion more than inappropriate, dangerous.

To make matters worse there is the recurrence: some time ago similar pages were published, we complained about it even then and the commitment was made to inform the editorial board in advance and to agree at least on the form, if not the contents. Unfulfilled commitment. The needs of the income statement cannot prevail over any other type of consideration.

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