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UnipolSai focuses on condominium management by purchasing 70% of Unicasa

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Insurance news. Today, UnipolSai, a multi-branch insurance company very active in Italy, announced that it had acquired 70% of Unicasa Italia, a leader in the management of franchised condominium administration. In particular, the transaction was carried out through the subsidiary UnipolHome, a company set up specifically to develop new business models in the Property area.

In detail, the transaction in question is part of what was communicated in Unipol’s Business Plan for the period 2022-2024 “Opening New Ways” and in particular in the Property ecosystem, where UnipolSai, through UnipolHome, intends to position itself as the reference player on non-insurance services for homes and condominiums.

In this sense, UnipolHome is developing a proprietary platform, which will be active from 2023, capable of offering home maintenance and condominium management services. Thanks to this new platform, both insured and uninsured customers will be able to request maintenance, repair and installation services for new domestic systems thanks to a national network of specialized companies affiliated with UnipolHome.

In 2021, Unicasa recorded a turnover exceeding 2.6 million euros, with more than 1,200 condominiums managed for a total of 28,000 housing units represented.

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