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Universal Studios tickets are sold out on the first day of Mid-Autumn Festival

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Universal Studios tickets are sold out on the first day of Mid-Autumn Festival

The official App and WeChat Mini Program were once “paralyzed”. Two U-Speed ​​pass products have been sold until December

At midnight yesterday, tickets for Universal Studios Beijing officially went on sale. Due to the large number of people “grabbing tickets”, the official App and WeChat applet of Universal Beijing Resort were once “squeezed” and fell into a “paralyzed” state. A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily inquired on the WeChat applet of the Universal Resort and found that as of 18:30 yesterday afternoon, the tickets for Universal Studios Beijing during the Mid-Autumn Festival had been sold out. Tickets for the two days of October 1st and 2nd also showed that the stock was tight.

Tickets for some platforms are sold out in one minute on the opening day

In the early hours of yesterday morning, a fierce battle of “ticket grabbing” was staged. At 23:58 pm on September 13, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily logged into the official App of Universal Beijing Resort and found that the system had been “paralyzed” and could not be accessed. After that, the official system could not log in smoothly until one o’clock in the morning. Meanwhile, after accidentally refreshing and entering the system, I found that the fare calendar page has been unable to display the ticket price and sales status. At 7:30 in the morning yesterday, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily logged into the official App of Universal Beijing Resort and found that tickets for Universal Studios on the 20th and 21st had been sold out, and there were still tickets left on and after the 22nd. As of the press time of the Beiqing Daily reporter last night, Beijing Universal Resort has not announced the sales on the first day of ticket sales.

In addition to official apps, mini programs, and Fliggy’s official flagship store, tourists can also purchase tickets through the official authorized partner platforms of 21 travel channels. According to data from multiple platforms, “grabbing” tickets to Universal Studios is basically based on luck: Qunar Universal’s online ticket sales are only 1 second, the first ticket is sold, and all the tickets for the Mid-Autumn Festival on the platform are sold out within half an hour. Both Ctrip.com and Tongcheng.com both sold out tickets on the opening day of the park in one minute. According to data from the Fliggy Flagship Store in the Universal Beijing Resort, 100,000 units of designated single-day tickets for Universal Studios were sold within half an hour of the ticket sales.

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Two U-speed pass products have been sold until December

Tickets are not the only hot sellers. During the pressure test and trial operation period, Universal Studios and even Universal City Avenue were overcrowded, and images of long lines everywhere frequently flowed out on some social media. Perhaps affected by these “rumors”, after the zero-hour ticket went on sale yesterday, the sales of Uspeed products seemed to be more popular than the tickets. Universal Studios Beijing’s U-speed pass products include two types, namely the “Universal U-Speed ​​Pass” starting at 350 yuan and the “Universal Unlimited U-Speed ​​Pass” starting at 500 yuan. Consumers may not follow the usual rules after purchasing. Queuing channels, but preferential experience of some riding facilities and performances through the U-speed channel, the waiting time is shorter than that of ordinary tourists. The difference between the two types of Uspeed passes is that the former can only enjoy one priority, while the latter can enjoy unlimited priority on the same day.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found in the WeChat mini-program that at 7:30 a.m. yesterday, between September 20 and 30, except for the remaining tickets on the 28th, the “Global Premium Express” on the other dates were all sold out; The sale of “Unlimited Express Pass” is even more “exaggerated”: from September 20 to November 30, only October 3 and 19, and November 16 and 30, there are still remaining tickets, and the rest of the dates are all Shows sold out. At 18:30 last night, on the WeChat mini program, before December 13, the two types of U-speed pass either had no price or sales status, or showed that they were sold out. Qunar.com revealed that the “Universal Unlimited Premium Speed” on its platform was sold out within half an hour after the launch.

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In addition, among the other two more high-end products on the Beijing Universal Resort App, the VIP experience product starting at 1200 yuan was removed from the shelves yesterday, leaving only the private VIP experience starting at 1700 yuan, but all dates are displayed sold out.

Searches for hotels near resorts rose 7 times

Previously, experts predicted that after the opening of Universal Studios Beijing, it will play a great role in driving the economy around the scenic spot. After the tickets went on sale yesterday, this effect has initially appeared. On many travel platforms, the search volume for hotels near Universal Studios has increased significantly.

Qunar data shows that as of September 14, in addition to the two hotels in the resort, the number of hotels within 3 kilometers of Beijing Universal Resort was 20, and the number of hotels within 5 kilometers was more than 50. After Universal Studios tickets went on sale, the search volume for hotels near Universal Resort increased by more than 7 times. Similarly, data from the Tongcheng travel platform showed that in the early morning of the 14th, the hotel orders around the Universal Resort increased by 800% compared to the 13th, and the rooms of the Universal Studios Hotel were sold out within half an hour on the opening day. According to the booking data of Ctrip’s travel platform, Beijing Universal Studios is expected to become the most popular scenic spot during this Mid-Autumn Festival. Based on the popularity of Universal Studios, Beijing has also been ranked first for several weeks in a row, and its search popularity is far ahead of other cities.

It is reported that in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the activity schedule on the morning of the opening day, the opening time of Universal Studios Beijing on September 20 was adjusted to 12 noon and the closing time was extended to 10 pm. Visitors need to make an appointment in advance through the official App of Universal Beijing Resort, and enter the park according to the appointment time.

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Consumers can get 30% compensation for automatic refund of U-speed system

On the first day of ticket sales for Universal Studios Beijing, due to the fierce “ticket grabbing” battle, there was an “episode” in Usutong’s sales: some netizens purchased Universal Usutong at the official flagship store of Fliggy. The issue of automatic refund. A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from Feizhu that relevant consumers can receive 30% of the actual transaction value of the goods as compensation.

Why is there a system refund? Fliggy said that the situation where consumers are automatically canceled after purchasing Global Premium Express at the “Beijing Universal Resort Flagship Store” is due to the continuous update of system visits and peak orders. The Beijing Universal Resort flagship store is gaining global premiums. When express inventory, there was a delay in real-time docking, so some consumers saw the page showing that there is still inventory, but after payment, the system automatically recognizes that there is no inventory, that is, a refund is made and the order is automatically closed.

For consumers who have completed the payment but the order is cancelled due to ticket issuance failure, Fliggy will follow the “Fliggy Ticket Product Service Guarantee Standard” and the relevant rules of the Fliggy platform on the basis of a full refund. Separately provide 30% of the actual transaction amount of the goods as compensation.

At the same time, Universal Beijing Resort will specifically open the existing surplus inventory of Universal U-Speed ​​products to these consumers. If consumers still want to re-order and choose Universal U-Speed ​​products, they must be at 23:00 on September 19, 2021. Re-order from the subsequent optional dates before 59 minutes to purchase the USpeed ​​product on the specified date. Fliggy will notify consumers of the launch time and product link as soon as possible via SMS and other means. However, due to the limited remaining inventory, it may not be able to meet the needs of all consumers. (Reporter Zhao Tingting)

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