Home Business Using TSMC’s 6nm process, OPPO announced that its self-developed chip is called MariSilicon X-oppo

Using TSMC’s 6nm process, OPPO announced that its self-developed chip is called MariSilicon X-oppo

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Today, OPPO announced on the social platform,OPPO’s self-developed chip is called MariSilicon X, which is a top NPU chip.As early as 2020, OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. registered the MariSilicon trademark. The trademark “MariSilicon” is derived from the English word Mariana Silicon for Mariana Silicon, and evolved from the two names of Mariana and Silicon Chip, the world‘s deepest trench.


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OPPO self-operated flagship store

It is not difficult to tell from the name that the difficulty of developing this self-developed chip by OPPO can be said to be beyond imagination.Broke the newsThe chip uses TSMC’s 6nm process, which is very costly.

Before Huawei introduced NPU on the Kirin 970 chip, the Kirin 970 became the industry’s first AI mobile phone chip.

On mobile phones, NPU+ISP will have a broader imagination. For example, after the integration of ISP+NPU, the data and information are directly connected, and the original independent NPU calculation is directly integrated into the processing pipeline of the ISP using the hardware direct connection method, and the data can be seamlessly buffered and processed in real time.

In this way,Mobile phone has no effort to process still photos, while real-time video pixel-level processing.

All in all, the OPPO chip will shine in the future, and more details will be announced at the OPPO Future Technology Conference.


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