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Vaccination obligation, Boccia (pd): courage is needed, Italy plays a leading role in Europe

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“I see no other path than compulsory vaccination. Austria’s choice in favor of compulsory vaccination since February is a hard and desperate run-up after the partial choices made in recent months. Let’s avoid finding ourselves in the same condition. As far as we are concerned, We have been saying this for months and have always supported initiatives based on the utmost rigor. Instead of waiting for the effects of optional vaccines in Europe we needed and need more courage and less fear of the right-wingers who have flanked the no vax everywhere “. This is how Francesco Boccia, deputy PD and head of Regions and Local Bodies of the National Secretariat, expresses himself today regarding vaccines after the decision taken by Austria.

“We had to use the summer to avoid the problems experienced last winter with the arrival of winter when, however, we were bare-handed and without vaccines – continues Boccia -. Now it is time to demand clarity in Europe if it is not the case for all proceed together with the vaccination obligation. And Italy can play this role. We can no longer close the businesses and the cities because of those who fight the battles that President Mattarella rightly defined antiscience today. hard, be very clear-cut and go towards compulsory vaccination. Italy can play a role in Europe. Let us lead the political process as we have always done in the most delicate moments of the battle against covid “.

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