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Valditara, backtrack on Tanning and guarantors: “The majority was against”

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Valditara, backtrack on Tanning and guarantors: “The majority was against”

Valditara, backtrack on Concia and guarantors, but the majority thunders: “We were all against the nomination”

A real fight had broken out institutional uproar over the decision to activate a “committee of guarantors” as part of the “Educating in relationships” project at the Ministry of Education and Merit.

The three names were those of Paola ConciaLGBTQ activist, former PD deputy, sister Monia Alfieri e Paola Zerman, state attorney. Less than 48 hours to backtrack on a project opposed by the entire centre-right, with the Pro Vita association having already collected 20,000 signatures and was ready to do battle.

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The League was particularly irritated, but the embarrassment was widespread, except as we will see for one important exception. “We in the League have avoided left-wing ideological drifts. Discourse closed”, says the former undersecretary Rossano Sasso, while Pro Vita, it must be said, is over the moon: “We are satisfied with the U-turn on the absurd appointment of the activist LGBT”. The only one who strangely goes out of line is the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa who instead calls Concia to personally wish her well, to invite her to the Christmas concert and to express “feelings of human closeness”, which in fact leave you a little dumbfounded. In reality, the day before yesterday the League had blocked a measure that had been perceived as a real provocation, given that it has always been against the gender issue in schools.

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To save its job, Concia said it would only deal with violence against women, but no one believed it. Sister Monia Alfieri, religious of the Marcelline, takes the opportunity to knock on money: “It’s a shame, Concia’s presence intrigued me. But evidently the decision had not been well prepared. Among other things, I had clarified with the minister that all three of us would be on the same level in the commission. Now, however, I am launching a challenge to the government: if I am truly in favor of the educational role of the family, I expect that in the budget there will be an adequate allocation, 500 million, for private schools. Otherwise it’s all just talk.”

In any case, the League confirms its trust in Minister Valditara but the opposition attacks him on the conduct of the matter for his “lightness” in dealing with such delicate issues. The transformation of Maria Stella Gelmini, once a right-wing woman, who now speaks almost like Landini, referring to a vulgar behavior towards Concia, is marvelous. It must also be said that sui socialespecially feel of the right.

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