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Vannacci, the League locks him up for the European Championships. “Clockwork Justice”

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Vannacci, the League locks him up for the European Championships.  “Clockwork Justice”

Vannacci under investigation, but the League locks him up for the European Championships

”I am very calm! I’m moving forward with my head held high!’‘. It is the phrase that stands out on the Facebook profile of General Roberto Vannacci, who has come under investigation for embezzlement and fraud in relation to his expenses during his assignment in Moscow. The general he also stated to Affaritaliani that I have not received any warranty notice. The League, in any case, is locking him down in view of his candidacy in the European elections in June.

“I reiterate my respect for an inconvenient person who evidently annoys the system” we are faced with “a clockwork investigation at a time when there are electoral deadlines”. Andrea Crippa tells beraking latest news, after the news of an investigation by the military prosecutor’s office into General Roberto Vannacci, under investigation for embezzlement and fraud. “Someone strikes him for the uncomfortable positions with which he is exposed, today the League is even more on his side, both from a human and political point of view”, concludes Salvini’s deputy.

On Repubblica we read a message circulated by League sources: “Vannacci is a person of value, loved by the citizens but inconvenient for the palace, if they can’t intimidate him with other methods they try with investigations and threats, a story we’ve already seen many times. Our esteem for this man does not change”. Repubblica claims that there may be an allusion to the fact that the “internal investigation against him started from the Ministry of Defence, that is at least with the approval of Guido Crosetto”.

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But according to Repubblica “the objective is not, or would not be, only Vannacci; but rather the whole League”so much so that we imagine “a slight, a trip, which however – if that were the case – comes more than anything else from Fdi’s government allies” claims Repubblica.

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