Home Business Vattimo: “Targeted because gay, the groom anyway”. The doomed comrade

Vattimo: “Targeted because gay, the groom anyway”. The doomed comrade

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Vattimo: “Targeted because gay, the groom anyway”.  The doomed comrade

Vattimo, 2 years to his partner-assistant: “He aimed at his assets”

Gianni Vattimo it’s not there and he rebels to the sentence issued by judges. His assistant Simone Caminada was condemned at two years for “circumvention of the incapacitated“. The magistrates argue that the philosopher’s partner acted for “the patrimony“. But Vattimo is furious about this decision taken by the court. “I feel like a victimbut not Simon’s of the system, just saying. From the system – Vattimo explains to La Stampa – I feel enough crushed. But frankly, everything passes. And I’ll forget that too. The verdict of the judges I actually expected it a bit. You can not imagine that suddenly change everything. She didn’t catch me off guard. Then of course, when you see a sentence written in black and white, then there it’s a bit impressive. In any case, then pass. I’m sorry, sure, but what can we do? It’s not the first time. In this story weighed my sexual orientation, because all in all what else was interesting in this matter if not that. Anyway between us everything stays the same and we intend to continue with civil union”.

Simone walkthirty-eight years old, assistant and companion of life of the philosopher Gianni Let’s go– continues La Stampa – yesterday was condemned to two years’ imprisonment for circumvention. For the judges he would have taken advantage of the «fragility» of the thinker to put the hands on his assets. «He was aiming for the money, to become universal heir», the magistrates argued in the courtroom. So he won Vattimo’s trust, coming to act as a “filter in his communications, isolating himexcluding it from social life». Taking care of it to administer its assets, become universal heirowner of insurance policies and other goods.

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