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Vidda C1 VS XGIMI H3S – 4K’s dimensionality reduction blow to 1080P_China IT News

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Vidda C1 VS XGIMI H3S – 4K’s dimensionality reduction blow to 1080P_China IT News

For at least the past year, XGIMI H3S is still smartProjectorFengshen products in the market. With its high appearance, minimal operation and clear picture quality of 1080P (HD), H3S has won the favor of giant screen lovers.

However, there are talents in the country, and Vidda, which is backed by Hisense Group, launched the smart projector C1, with 4K quality ultra-high-definition videoshowFormat and cost-effective advantages, become the catfish stirring the projection market.

At that time, “Wall Street Tech Eye” released “Texas Instruments with Pricing Power Overturned the Chinese Projector Market” (for details, see: Texas Instruments with Pricing Power Overturned the Chinese Projector Market), which described the pricing of the projector market Mystery. After the article was published, in the background of the official account, I received inquiries about which C1 or H3S is more worthy of a shot.

“Wall Street Technology Eye” started with XGIMI H3S and Vidda C1, and conducted a one-month use evaluation. Through the comparison of core indicators and use perception, it strives to objectively present the real use status of the two products to netizens.

Vidda C1 VS XGIMI H3S - 4K's dimensionality reduction blow to 1080P

Figure: Vidda C1 (top) and XGIMI H3S (bottom)

Cost-effective consideration

Before Vidda, the price of 4K smart projection equipment was more than 8,000 yuan. This time, Vidda’s world‘s first 4K full-color laser projection equipment C1 was priced at 6,999 yuan, which is about 20% lower than the general price of competing products in the market (compared to Dangbei). X3 Pro and XGIMI RS PRO 2).

As mentioned last time, the projector display chip market is completely a seller’s market, and upstream chip suppliers such as Texas Instruments must set the rules. Regarding the algorithm technology to achieve 4K, the Texas ceremony will also “see the dishes from the factory”.

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Large factories and small factories are treated differently by Texas Instruments, which is mainly reflected in the difference in purchase price. According to chip purchasers, Hisense can get low prices because Hisense is the world‘s largest manufacturer of laser TVs. As a major purchaser of DMD chips in the world (the projector’s imaging effect is mainly the display chip of the projector), Hisense is naturally purchasing It has the advantage of scale and the right to speak. The purchase price is different, which leads to the cost difference, and the natural pricing is also very different. It is not difficult to understand why Dangbei’s laser 4K projector is priced at 8,799 yuan, and XGIMI RS PRO 2 is 8,699 yuan, which is nearly 2,000 yuan higher than Vidda’s C1.

Based on this background, the price of the Vidda laser 4K projector is comparable to the price of the XGIMI brand 1080P product. Vidda’s end PK is actually a “dimension reduction attack” against 1080P by 4K.

Below, “Wall Street Tech Eye” makes a detailed comparison of the two in terms of picture quality, basic performance, and sound effects.

Quality battle

Ordinary consumers in the projector market may not have a clear understanding of 4K and 1080P. Both 4K and 1080P refer to the resolution, and 4K refers to the resolution of 3840×2160, which belongs to the ultra-high-definition resolution. At this resolution, viewers will be able to see every detail in the picture, every close-up. The so-called 1080P is a program that can display 1920*1080 resolution.

Vidda C1 VS XGIMI H3S - 4K's dimensionality reduction blow to 1080P

Vidda C1 VS XGIMI H3S - 4K's dimensionality reduction blow to 1080P

Figure: Vidda C1 screen effect (top)

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XGIMI H3S screen effect (below)

It can be seen that Vidda C1 adopts Hisense’s industry-leading full-color laser technology, 4K-level resolution, high color gamut and high color accuracy, which greatly improves the user’s viewing experience.

Vidda C1 VS XGIMI H3S - 4K's dimensionality reduction blow to 1080P

Figure: Portrait effect of Vidda C1

Judging from the actual shooting picture, the Vidda C1 has clear picture quality, excellent color performance, high color accuracy, the light and dark contrast of the picture is in place, and the skin color of the characters is very well restored.

Basic functionality and ease of use

Both brands support screen recognition. XGIMI H3S needs to be set through the mobile APP, and the recognition position is still very accurate; Vidda C1 is also automatically recognized, and the speed is completely OK.

sound effects

For projection, acoustics are critical. The quality of the sound quality cannot be simply judged from a certain aspect. The size of the box, the rationality of the box, the material of the speaker, the components of the sound divider, the material of the speaker, etc., many aspects affect the sound quality.

As mentioned above, the exquisite appearance of the XGIMI projector has been recognized by the Appearance Association. In contrast, the Vidda is slightly larger. Many projector enthusiasts believe that its atmospheric appearance looks more like a professional audio-visual equipment. , and can also be integrated with the home style. The volume advantage ensures that the Vidda sound is more robust, round and open. Thanks to the 2×10W high-quality speakers equipped with Vidda C1, 1.5L independent large sound chamber and Dolby DAP cinema-level immersive sound effects, the performance in terms of sound quality is also surprising, the bass is strong and powerful, the sound details are very rich, and the dialogues of the characters are real. Naturally, watching a movie is also very immersive.

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Comparison of eye protection effects

In order to ensure better eye protection, both products have an eye protection mode.

For example, the XGIMI H3S has added a low blue light eye protection mode, which filters out harmful blue light at the hardware level. After a long time of viewing, the eyes will not feel tired and sour.

Compared with “low” blue light, Vidda C1 achieves “0 harmful blue light”.Because it uses 465nm long-wave blue light as the blue light source from the source of technology, avoiding the 400-450nm short-wave blue light that is harmful to human eyes, this is also a new generation of blue light.Display technologyA more human embodiment. Families with children can use it with confidence.

Write at the end:

From the above core indicators, it can be seen that Vidda relies on the strong industrial chain capabilities and procurement capabilities of its parent company Hisense to help giant screen fans achieve 4K freedom.

In fact, we are not only reviewing two products, we are trying to lead projection enthusiasts into a new era led by 4K image quality through evaluation, and appreciate the shocking experience brought by technological progress.

Original title: Vidda C1 VS XGIMI H3S – 4K dimensionality reduction against 1080P

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