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Visa chooses the Centovigne company: “A beautiful showcase for the Biellese”

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There is also Biella in the new promotion campaign of the Visa circuit. The choice of the leading global company in payment technologies went to Centovigne, a farm in Castellengo which, through filming and images, will tell the world not only its reality, but also that of the territory. After two days of shooting in the castle and in the cellars, Alessandro and Magda Ciccioni will give voice to their entrepreneurial history accompanied by views and snapshots of the beautiful location on the outskirts of the Biellese.

In the first period of the pandemic, Centovigne had in fact made use of Vidra (a start-up linked to the Sella Group), to create the online shop in which to sell its wines. The platform that allows you to create a virtual shop independently, quickly and manage payments and shipments through the web, was the only Italian company to enter the project created by Visa to facilitate the transition to the use of solutions digital by small merchants and smes. And in turn Centovigne had the opportunity to become testimonial of «Meet Visa» and of the brand identity of the payment system. “A troupe came to Castellengo at the end of September – explains Alessandro Ciccioni -, during the shooting they collected video and photographic material and now the film will be used in the campaign”.

Those who “land” in the shop section of the Centovigne.it site, created thanks to the functions implemented by the Biellese company, will not only be able to buy the five different labels of the winery, but also various local products on which the company is focusing, baptized ” Castellengo Collection »: grappas, for example, but also cosmetics with polyphenols extracted from Nebbiolo grapes, pralines, rice biscuits, milk and chestnuts, prepared for mulled wine and, how to resist in the Biella area, even wool hats. «Ours is a broad discourse, aimed at relaunching the territory – concludes Magda Zago -. The fact that Visa has paid attention to a highly prominent campaign on a Biellese company is good for us as well as for the image of the territory. The choice to propose Centovigne products with the Vidra online tool was crucial at a time when no one could visit us anymore, thus giving the possibility to buy our wines and our proposals from the comfort of home “.

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