Home Business Vivo X Fold S broke the news: 50W wireless charging + 80W flash charging is very strong.

Vivo X Fold S broke the news: 50W wireless charging + 80W flash charging is very strong.

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Vivo X Fold S broke the news: 50W wireless charging + 80W flash charging is very strong.

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In recent years, folding screen mobile phones have attracted the attention of many consumers because of their large screens and high recognition. Mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, and vivo have successively launched their own folding screen models. Recently, a digital blogger broke the news about some of the configuration information of vivo’s new folding screen models.

  vivo X Fold

According to mobile phone China, the blogger said that this folding screen phone of vivo will be equipped with dual ultrasonic screen fingerprint unlocking, support 80W wired fast charging and 50W wireless charging. At the same time, the chip of this mobile phone has chosen the Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform without any suspense. It is worth mentioning that the blogger also said that the overall configuration of vivo’s new folding screen mobile phone is very strong.

vivo X Fold S broke the news

According to previous revelations, vivo’s new folding screen phone is likely to be named vivo X Fold S. Compared with the previous generation model, this phone has mainly been replaced in terms of chips, and of course, the overall configuration of the phone has also been adjusted simultaneously. It is reported that in April this year, vivo released its first folding screen mobile phone, equipped with 120Hz E5 screen inside and outside, equipped with aerospace-grade floating wing hinge and dual-screen fingerprint unlocking. Opened in the closed state, vivo X Fold also supports 60°-120° hovering effects, which can be used for hovering shooting, hovering viewing, and other operations.

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At present, it is not known when this phone will be officially announced, but according to the current information, the overall performance of vivo’s folding screen phone should be good, and friends who have the idea of ​​replacing a folding screen phone can look forward to a wave.

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