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VW targeted by hackers for years – thousands of files stolen

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VW targeted by hackers for years – thousands of files stolen

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VW targeted by hackers for years – thousands of files stolen

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Thousands of files are said to have been stolen in a hacker attack on VW

Source: picture alliance/dpa/Moritz Frankenberg

For years, documents have apparently been stolen from Volkswagen on a large scale – Microsoft is even said to have spoken of it as the largest hacker attack of all time. The People’s Republic reacted indignantly to suspected connections to China.

Volkswagen has been targeted by hackers for several years. The attackers are said to have stolen thousands of files from the car manufacturer, as the company confirmed in principle on Saturday. When asked, a company spokesman declined to comment on details. However, the company pointed out in a statement that the incident happened ten years ago.

Previously, the “Spiegel” and that ZDF citing internal VW documents reported on the cyber attacks. According to ZDF, the software manufacturer Microsoft, which was involved in restoring the systems, is said to have spoken of the largest cyber attack in the world. According to reports, the Chinese embassy in Berlin reacted angrily to suspected connections to China and emphasized that the country condemns any form of cyber espionage.

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According to media reports, the attackers were targeting the areas of “petrol engine development”, “transmission development” and “dual clutch transmission”. Concepts for alternative drive technologies such as electromobility or fuel cells were also in focus. Up to 19,000 files are said to have been stolen; overall, the reports limit the period of the crime to 2010 to 2014 or 2015.

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Volkswagen announced that the digital security of the company’s systems, processes and products was of paramount importance then as now. “We are continually working to keep our IT landscape, products and digital ecosystems secure and operational,” said a spokesperson. According to him, this includes new technological options and constant exchange with partners, associations and authorities.

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