Home Business Wall Street down: Visa capitulates by 5% after slapping Amazon made in the UK. Tesla up after -15% last week

Wall Street down: Visa capitulates by 5% after slapping Amazon made in the UK. Tesla up after -15% last week

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Wall Street negative: at about 4 pm Italian time, the Dow Jones index lost 0.38% to 36.006 points; the Nasdaq moves back 0.30% to 15.925 points; the S&P 500 also lost 0.30% to 4,686. A star among Visa stocks, slipping more than 5% after Amazon announced it will stop accepting payments with UK-issued Visa credit cards starting next year. Amazon motivated the decision with the high transaction fees that occur with Visa credit cards. Visa debit cards will still be accepted by the e-commerce giant.

On Wall Street, the stocks of retail companies continue to dominate the scene: after the quarterly reports of the giants Home Depot and Wal-Mart, today the results of the third quarter of Lowe and Target were announced, which beat both estimates.

However, the Target stock is down by almost 5%, discounting the statements of the CEO, who said that the increase in costs could have an impact on the company, moving forward, given that the group, rather than passing them on to prices, it intends to continue absorbing costs.

On the other hand, Lowe’s did well, with the company which, in addition to having reported a better than expected balance sheet, improved its outlook on sales for the entire year. The stock is up by more than 2%.

The stock of the other retail company active in the clothing sector TJX also did well on Wall Street, with a 9% rally: the group reported quarterly earnings, again better than estimates, in the face of an increase in comparative sales. which was + 14% on an annual basis.

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Tesla is recovering, after the loss of the title last week, equal to -15.4%. Yesterday it was learned that founder and CEO Elon Musk sold more Tesla stock for $ 930 million, after last week’s disposals amounted to $ 6.9 billion.

Focus also on Boeing, growing on the wake of the news of the order for its 737 MAX aircraft arrived for a value of $ 9 billion from Akasa Air.

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