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Wall Street towards weak start with Delta variant fears. Tomorrow inflation test

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For Wall Street, trading is expected to start under the sign of weakness, with investors continuing to closely monitor the evolution of the pandemic and looking for a new catalyst. With commodity prices recovering, including oil, after yesterday’s declines.

Futures on the Dow Jones show a drop of 0.05%, those on the S & P500 are flat and finally those on the Nasdaq are up by 0.09%. Among the few data to be released in the afternoon, the NFIB on the optimism of small businesses and among the speeches of the day is that of Loretta Meste, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, with a speech on inflation risks. Meanwhile, operators are waiting for inflation tomorrow, which should be slowing down but higher than expected.

Among the individual titles in the pre-market, AMC Entertainment was highlighted, which rose by more than 7 percent. The film operator who in this 2021 ended up in the spotlight becoming one of the stock memes most traded by daily traders has tripled his revenues in the second quarter compared to the first three months of the year. The group also announced the arrival of important news, including the payment of cinema tickets with bitcoin.

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