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“Weapons in Kiev, exclude Pnrr funds”, rejected the request of the Pd in ​​the EU

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“Weapons in Kiev, exclude Pnrr funds”, rejected the request of the Pd in ​​the EU

Pnrr, the Democratic Party challenges the government: “Parliament votes on no funds for weapons”

To the joint assembly of deputies and senators, in the presence of Elly Schlein, the behavior of Fratelli d’Italia on the dem amendments to prevent Pnrr money from being used for ammunition to be sent to Kiev, is even more interesting than the vote of the dem delegation. That the Democratic Party does not march in united ranks on the point, contained in the plan ‘Asap‘, is a fact taken for granted by leading dem executives. Except the fact that the party that holds the ‘golden share’ in government votes against. Because, this is the reasoning offered by parliamentary sources, “if they vote against our amendments and, therefore, for the use of those funds to produce munitions, it means that they will do so in Rome too”.

The passage of the ASAP plan, in fact, contains the “suggestion” to national governments to subsidize the acceleration in the production and supply of munitions to Kiev through those resources. A few hours later, in Palazzo Madama, in a Chamber that has just 29 senators out of 200, the minister for the Pnrr, Raffaele Fitto, answers the questions of the parliamentary groups. Among these is that of the Democratic Party. It is illustrated by the senator and Pd responsible for Reforms and the Pnrr, Alexander Alfieri. Now, the question that the Pd asks the government is “whether it intends to clearly express, right from the start, its opposition to the use of resources pertaining to the Pnrr for the production of ammunition as a result of the aid provided to Ukraine”, says Alfieri . Fitto replies that such an eventuality “is absolutely not on the agenda”.

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