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WeAreStarting, Opinions and Reviews, Find Out How to Invest in StartUps!

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WeAreStarting, Opinions and Reviews, Find Out How to Invest in StartUps!

You have already heard of Wearestarting.it? Investire in start up and in innovative projects it has been, for years, the exclusive prerogative of venture capitalistor investors who had not only the right knowledge at their disposal, but also enormous capital to offer, in exchange for equity, to this or that newborn company.

Focusing on great ideas, those that then revolutionized the world (commercial and otherwise), in recent years, was therefore a right of the masters of steam, those who could put forward millions of dollars with a certain ease.

Today, however, things have changed: something is moving and there are services, such as, precisely, WeAreStartingwhich allow you to participate, just like venture capitalists do, in the financing of start-ups and SMEs in exchange for equity, or by acquiring shares in the company.

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What is WeAreStarting?

WeAreStarting is a project by crowdfunding which allows you to invest in start-ups, i.e. newly established companies that typically operate in sectors that are potentially highly profitable, such as settore hi-tech, biotechfrom the finance he was born in fintech (but not only).

In addition to the possibility of investing in start-ups, there is also the possibility, again through WeAreStarting, of investing in more traditional companies, such as small and medium-sized enterprises.

WeAreStarting.it is a company licensed by Consob to operate in this sector, therefore you enjoy the protection of the highest supervisory body in the sector.

How do you invest?

Invest with WeAreStarting it’s very simple. It takes about 15 minutes to become an investor through the platform, from the moment of registration to the moment in which we will make the transfer to go and invest for real:

  1. first of all you will necessarily have to sign up to the reference portal, using your data;
  2. as with any authorized investment platform, you will have to go and fill the usual survey which identifies the congruence of the investment instrument with your personal economic and financial situation;
  3. then you can choose how much to investalways through a semi-guided procedure;
  4. once you have chosen which company to invest in, you will have to carry out the wire transfer.
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It is a quick and simple system, which allows you to invest in a large number of start-up companies or SMEs, sectors that are typically, yes, more risky, but also bear potential earnings much higher.

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How much can you earn with WeAreStarting?

As regards the earnings that we can bring home by investing in start-ups and SMEs through WeAreStarting, we should bring this type of investment closer to equity investment: in fact, there are no certain returns, but our gain will derive exclusively from any increase in the value of the company in which we have invested.

It is therefore a type of variable-yield investment, very different from bonds and deposit accounts which offer you a fixed percentage (generally very low, unless you choose very risky securities) on what you have invested.

The investment in start-ups, if done through articulated structures such as the platforms of crowdfunding in equitycan be assimilated practically in all respects to equity investment: the value of the capital we have invested will follow the value of the company, and will therefore be uncertain.

Is it bad? Not at all, after all, if you are looking for investment solutions of this kind, it means that you are looking for much greater earning opportunities than bonds and deposit accounts, even if this involves greater risks.

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What does equity crowdfunding mean?

It is roughly the transposition of the venture capital which started most of the companies in Silicon Valley first, and then all over the world, especially in the tech, fintech and biotech sector.

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When you invest in these companies in this way, you are going to offer capital by buying shares at the current price. Typically the value of early stage startups is much lower than the value of a company that has managed to establish itself on the market. The idea is to acquire shares and then sell them once the company has reached adulthood.

By investing with WeAreStarting, you will become socio to all intents and purposes of innovative companies or small and medium-sized companies in a growth phase.

To learn more about this aspect, I invite you to read on the presentation article on equity crowdfunding where I talk about it in detail.

How can you choose the right company?

The strong point of the platform offered by WeAreStarting is the analysis that is offered for each of the “listed” companies on the site. In fact, you will be able to consult videos, images, corporate information, statutes, business plans, production cycles, adding to your portfolio only those that can fully fit into your strategy.

Subsequently you will also be provided with updates on the progress of the company, and you will be able to participate in the life of the same just like an ordinary member.

Are there any risks in this type of investment?

Yes, of course there are, as there are in any type of investment aiming for high returns. This means that you will put your capital at risk, even if the returns, at least for now, are very attractive.

The Politecnico di Milano has created an Equity Crowdfunding Index which also collects the trends of the projects proposed by WeAreStarting: the index has grown by almost 17%, thus confirming that, even in Italy, there are excellent opportunities in this area.

This type of investment is definitely not suitable for you if you have a very low risk profile. If, on the other hand, you like adventure, provided it is adequately paid, the world of SMEs and start-ups could be your next port of call.

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You can sell shares easily

You can sell the shares, when you have the will, or to other investors or to those who are already members. The procedure involves costs of a few hundred euros, which WeAreStarting promises to reduce with its next initiatives.

Is it worth investing with WeAreStarting?

WeAreStarting.it offers you a platform that is simple to use and that guarantees you access to a world, that of start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, which until recently was practically inaccessible for those who did not have huge capital to invest.

The entry threshold is very low: €100 is enough to invest in some projects, so if you find a company you like you can support it for a very small amount and potentially secure a future capital gain.

Obviously, I advise you to study the sector in which you want to invest, so as to be able to better analyze the possibilities that the start-up has of growing in the medium term.

In the guide that I have proposed to you today, you have everything you need to independently evaluate whether or not this could be the most convenient investment method for you.

Choose independently, and when you are sure that start-ups can be your world for savings and investments, trust WeAreStarting without any problems, a platform we will continue to hear about.

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