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Weather changes everything. Rains, cold and even snow are coming

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Weather changes everything.  Rains, cold and even snow are coming

Weather, rain and snow

We change! From next week a cyclone will bring a wave of bad weather involving many regions. And we will leave immediately, with a stormy Monday 27 that will see the return of wind, rain and even snow!

The latest shock update – writes www.ilmeteo.it – ​​has just arrived and foreshadows a substantial change in the weather with and the cause to be sought in the irruption of cold air descending from Northern Europe and directed towards the Mediterranean. Expected air currents of polar origin descending from Northern Europe driven by a vast depression centered between Russia, the Baltic Republics and Scandinavia. The coldest and most unstable air masses will end their run in the Mediterranean basindiving directly from the Porta della Bora and excavating a real cyclone on the Adriatic Sea: for this reason it is reasonable to expect a decidedly eventful phase with a high probability of rain in many regions.

Considering the expected drop in temperatures, snow will also return to the Alps and the Apennines, with flakes starting from 7/800 meters above sea level. During the day of Monday 27 March, bad weather will be at risk above all in the North-East and Central-South: heavy rains are expected in the lower Veneto, Romagna, Marche, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania, Puglia and Calabria: furious winds will also blow from the northern quadrants with gusts of up to almost 100 km/h on these sectors and on the entire middle and lower Adriatic.

Some rain will still be possible on Tuesday 28, especially in the South and in Sicily; elsewhere, on the other hand, the weather conditions will improve, even if the temperatures will drop drastically, especially at night, returning to values ​​more suited to the period, also due to the intense winds from the northern quadrants.

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Subsequently, the anticyclone will return to regain the lost space by spreading over the Mediterranean basin: here it is legitimate to expect greater atmospheric stability, with rising temperatures, especially in the maximum values, at least until Thursday 30. Then the uncertainties increase: it is not in fact, to exclude a new cold outbreak with the risk of a new phase of bad weather, especially on the Adriatic side.

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