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Weather, snow in Milan and throughout the North. A lot. Sensational twist

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Weather, snow in Milan and throughout the North.  A lot.  Sensational twist

Copious snow on the northern plains. That’s when

The neve is going to come back and this time it will be BIG SNOW up to the plains over many regions! In short, Winter will return to raise its voice, a rather eventful weather phase is on its way due to the entry of cold air currents descending from Northern Europe capable of bringing the raw frost over a large part of Italy. The conditions The weather is expected to worsen already between Thursday 23 February and Friday 24 when the first rainfall, albeit weak, is expected in the North.

However, our attention – writes www.ilmeteo.it – ​​moves to next weekend: in fact, a nucleus of very cold Arctic air is arriving from Russia, right around the weekend, which will first head towards the heart of the Old Continent, to then dive into the Mediterranean basin. This purely winter air mass will continue its long journey going to “hook” a low pressure area present on the Mediterranean basin giving it new strength and vigor and thus triggering a wave of bad weather with intense rains and snowfalls down to very low altitudes during Sunday 26, in particular in the central regions. The map below highlights (purple color) the areas most at risk of snowfalls and the altitudes: flakes are expected almost as far as the coasts of Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo and in the inland areas of Tuscany, with snow possible also in Florence. In the evening, moreover, snowfalls are also expected in PiedmontSnowfalls expected during Sunday 26 FebruaryIn technical terms, these sudden snowfalls are called “spill snow” (transfer of cold from higher altitudes to the ground induced by heavy rainfall) and are, above all for lovers of the cold and neveamong the most exciting phenomena, characterized by very wet and heavy flakes, large in size, quite scenic, but which can also cause major problems for the road network given the strong intensity that often causes rapid accumulations.

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And it didn’t end there, on the contrary. At the start of next week, from Monday 27, a potentially explosive configuration could be created from a meteorological point of view, characterized by the deepening of a Mediterranean cyclone continuously fed by very cold air. The latest update confirms this trend with the more than concrete risk of snow right up to the plains of a large part of the North. Snowfall expected during Monday 27 February Many cities that could see snow again after a long time in this strange and anomalous Winter: from Milan to Bergamo, passing through Modena, Bologna and up to Vicenza, Padua and Venice.

There is still some time left and, as we always do in these cases, we invite caution, as the trajectory of the cyclone could undergo variations, triggering a wave of bad weather in other sectors of our country as well.

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