Home Business “We’re like Ocean’s Eleven.” Qatar-gate, Panzeri and the stop to Di Maio in the EU

“We’re like Ocean’s Eleven.” Qatar-gate, Panzeri and the stop to Di Maio in the EU

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“We’re like Ocean’s Eleven.”  Qatar-gate, Panzeri and the stop to Di Maio in the EU

Qatar-gate, the “tripping” of Di Maio and the suspicious email to Borrell

The scandal of Qatar-gate continue to hold court, give them investigation papers new ones emerge background about the methods of Panzeri and his clique for get favors to the European Parliament. Among these maneuvers – we read in Repubblica – there is also a attempt Of stop the run of DiMaio for the armchair Of envoy special in Persian Gulf. “Block the appointment of Di Maio to favor that of Avramopoulos“. The Qatar-gate case turns yet another page. And it also enters the choices of the European Commission. Antonio Panzeri also tries to make the High Representative for foreign policy, Josep, fall into his canvas Borrell. The method is always the same: use i good relations that the former Italian MEP has with a large part of the Brussels establishment. And the style, as he admits in an interceptionis similar to the one used in the movie “Ocean’s Eleven“. The gang led by George Clooney robbing a casino of Las Vegas.

Everything was born – continues Repubblica – from a episode which drew the attention of the investigators and that they put pen to paper in the dossier. And “accident“, of course, that though it didn’t go unnoticed. In the record of the interceptions, in fact, it ticks the sending of a document directly to Borrell. It was sent to him “by mistake” via email by Cristina Castagnoli, head of the Democracy and Elections Unit of the European Parliament. It was about “an internal note confidential prepared by Francesco Giorgi” and prepared just for Avramopoulos. Giorgi tells Panzeri about the mistake he made and the latter tries to run for cover. The investigators make no reference to the possibility that Borrell has actually right away the pressure of the “clique”. But they certainly are convinced that he was aware of the their preference in favor of “friend” Avramopoulos precisely in consideration of the “error” committed with the email of the “informal note” prepared by Giorgi.

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