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What is the reason why it is difficult to underestimate the charging of new energy vehicles? -IT and transportation

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During the National Day holiday, new energy car owners lined up in the expressway service area for 4 hours to charge the news on the hot search. The difficulty of charging new energy vehicles has once again aroused concern. It is undeniable that the sudden increase in vehicle flow is a major reason for the difficulty of charging new energy vehicles. According to statistics from the State Grid, from October 1 to 3, the total charging capacity of the State Grid’s charging and swapping service network increased by 59% year-on-year, and the charging capacity of expressway charging facilities increased by 56.52% year-on-year. On October 1, the highway charging capacity reached nearly 4 times the usual, a record high.

Such a large amount of electricity and frequency of electricity use test the guarantee supply capability and emergency service capability of new energy vehicle charging facilities.

The embarrassment of “charging for one hour, queuing for four hours” is worthy of reflection. What are the reasons for the difficulty of charging new energy vehicles? Is the number of charging piles insufficient? Or is the failure rate higher due to untimely maintenance? In the face of such a large traffic volume during holidays, can we make some emergency preparations? For example, reserve some mobile charging piles in high-speed service areas with high demand for emergency use, and so on.

It should be noted that in recent years, with the vigorous advancement of the infrastructure construction of charging piles, the difficulty of charging new energy vehicles has been alleviated to a certain extent. However, the problems of low utilization rate of public charging piles and low installation rate of private charging piles still exist. On the one hand, as the penetration rate of new energy vehicles continues to increase, the number of charging piles in some areas is insufficient, which affects the experience of using new energy vehicles; on the other hand, due to unreasonable layout and inadequate maintenance, faulty piles and Zombie piles cause waste and idleness of resources. In addition, due to the fact that there are many car pile manufacturers and the standards are not uniform enough, the charging interface is still incompatible. All these issues need to be addressed and optimized by relevant departments.

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In some places, the problem of “built by someone but no one will take care of” charging piles also requires attention. According to netizens, there are varying degrees of damage to the charging piles in some expressway service areas, which seriously affects the efficiency of use. Some charging piles have no power access, and some charging piles have problems and cannot contact the service provider, causing the charging piles to become “charging devices.” Faced with the ever-increasing number of charging piles for new energy vehicles, professional overhaul and maintenance personnel must also follow up in time to ensure that the equipment can be used normally. In addition, relevant departments should also effectively supervise the quality and actual use of charging pile products, encourage service providers to provide high-quality services, and severely crack down on the phenomenon of individual companies defrauding subsidy funds.

The small charging pile is connected to the people’s livelihood at one end, and directly affects the automobile market at the other end. Judging from the current feedback, the construction of a reasonable layout, efficient and complete charging service network has become a key point that needs to be broken. Relevant departments can use big data technology analysis to provide data support to solve the problem of “where to build” and “how much to build”. They can also try to explore strengthening the network and interconnection of public and personal stakes, improve charging efficiency, and realize resource sharing. Only by effectively solving the charging problem can new energy vehicles truly enter the millions of households.

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