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What Your Business Can Learn from Online Sports Betting

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Online sports betting is having a moment. From the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision to hand over gambling legislation to individual states, business has never been better in the US. With the football season just around the corner, there will be more activity than ever before as fans start to think about Super Bowl betting again.

Your small business may not have anything to do with gambling – or even sports in general. But there is no denying that sports betting firms have been a major success in recent years. Some of the reasons may be industry-specific, but there are plenty of lessons that all of us can take on board to help with our businesses.


Most online sportsbooks can rely on a large team of digital marketers and copywriters to come up with eye-catching advertising slogans and campaigns. It is unlikely that any small businesses have a budget that will stretch quite as far. But the basics can be replicated.

The gambling market is incredibly competitive, so any sportsbook wishing to get ahead will go all out to grab potential customers’ attention. Small businesses should think the same way. Perhaps not quite as an in-your-face way. But make sure that your demographic knows about you and what you can offer.

World Class Websites

Only the most traditional of businesses don’t think about their websites these days. But not everyone gets this right. Betting firms know that they have to conform to a standard layout that looks much the same as every other sportsbook out there. So having a world class version is crucial.

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This will be the first point of contact for many of your customers, so you need to make sure there is a good first impression. You may not get a second chance. Simple, yet effective, design and layout are vital and the site has to offer a good user experience. Then your customer will think about spending money.

Regular Communication

No one likes to feel bombarded by emails trying to sell them something. But any small business has to capture the perfect balance when it comes to communicating with customers – and potential new customers. Keep on top of marketing trends to know what methods you should be employing here.

Sportsbooks will have a slight advantage here, as they can just email or message about a new offer or promotion every time they get in touch. That may not be possible for most small businesses. But do make sure that you do form a relationship with your customers – and don’t let them forget about you.

Be Ahead of the Pack

We have already mentioned that the betting world is a fierce one where online sportsbooks will do anything to be the number one choice. Your industry might not be as cut-throat but you can still strive to be the first business your customers think of in your own sector.

Some of the factors we have already talked about can come into play here. Communication and self-promotion will play important roles here but you can also think about costings and savings as a way of being the most attractive option for whatever area of business you are in.

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Think About the Bigger Picture

Although sports betting is all about the now, there is still an eye on the long game and the bigger picture. Short term goals are important but there should always be a number of long term aims as well. Sportsbooks combine these perfectly and use them to become successful – and keep it that way. By taking the basic principles used by online sports betting firms and applying them to your own sphere, you can go a long way to becoming successful yourself. It doesn’t matter if the industry is different – you should always strive to learn from success stories.

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