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Whether you like it or not, Apple’s iPhone ads will be more and more

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Whether you like it or not, Apple’s iPhone ads will be more and more

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2022-08-16 05:18:10 Author: Lao Wang

Apple could eventually bring ads to more apps preinstalled on iPhones and other Apple devices, including maps, books and podcasts. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has internally tested search ads in Maps, which can show recommendations when you search for restaurants, stores, or other nearby businesses.

Apple has implemented a similar advertising model on the App Store, as developers can pay to have their apps promoted on search pages for specific queries, such as “puzzle games” or “photo editors.” As Gurman points out, ads on maps can work in the same way, with businesses paying to appear at the top of search results when users enter certain search terms.

Apple could also introduce ads in its native Podcasts and Books apps, Gurman believes. This has the potential to allow publishers to place ads in areas within each app, or pay to have their content rank high in search results. Like Maps, Podcasts and Books are currently ad-free.

While the App Store’s search tab already has ads, Gurman expects Apple to expand the ads to the “Today” tab and app download pages, in line with previous reports from 9to5Mac, Apple Insider and MacRumors. According to 9to5Google, ads on the “Today” tab will appear as larger cards with the word “Ads” below the app name, while ads on individual app pages will appear in blue in the “You might also like” section highlight.

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Gurman also mentioned the possibility of advertising on Apple TV Plus, saying the company could choose to create a lower-priced ad-supported tier, something Netflix and Disney Plus plan to do by the end of the year. Right now, Apple TV Plus is only available with an ad-free subscription plan for $4.99/month (though it has already started showing ads on Friday night baseball).

In 2016, Apple first introduced ads on the App Store and also displayed ads on its Stocks and News apps. Last September, the company began asking users if they wanted to enable personalized ads that appear on those apps to comply with its own App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, which has cost the social platform billions of dollars.

ATT gives users the option to disable the tracking tools advertisers use to display targeted ads. That may have contributed to the overall growth of Apple’s advertising division, as it has companies scrambling to rethink their advertising strategies. Apple’s advertising business will grow 238% to $3.7 billion in 2021, according to figures obtained by Insider from research firm Omdia.

Apple’s opening of more ad spots on its App Store — and possibly on maps, podcasts and books — could be a sign that Apple is looking to expand its ad business further. In May, an Insider report revealed that Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services, was said to be planning to restructure Apple’s services business to focus more on streaming and advertising. Apple’s Services segment, which includes advertising and its various subscriptions, saw revenue rise 12% last quarter. Return to Sohu, see more

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