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Who is to blame for the bank quake?

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Who is to blame for the bank quake?

Episode 254

After the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and the forced marriage of Credit Suisse, the two business journalists Dietmar Deffner and Holger Zschäpitz argue about who is responsible for the misery. Because that is also important when it comes to the question of how things will continue on the markets. Should Zschäpitz be right, this could have a positive side effect for the stock exchanges.

Other topics:

  • Controversy over AI – Will Deffner soon be the next miner from Sheffield or is Zschäpitz the Felix Krull of the financial markets

  • Fed rate meeting – what’s next after Wednesday

  • The Fascination of 10 Minutes – The Rise and Fall of Gorillas in a New Podcast Series

  • A must before the ETF savings plan – which insurance everyone should have

  • Too big to fails – why the super star status of Switzerland and the Swiss franc is in danger

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