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Who Was the Billionaire on Board the Titanic Submersible?

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Who Was the Billionaire on Board the Titanic Submersible?

Hamish Harding, shown here with a Blue Origin pin, after his flight into space. BlueOrigin

The British billionaire who was aboard the missing Titanic submersible was a well-known explorer.

Hamish Harding had already flown into space with Blue Origin and had broken several records.

The provider of the trip on the submersible, which allowed tourists to visit the wreck of the Titanic, assumes that the submarine imploded and all passengers are dead.

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It is now sad certainty: The Titan submersible that was heading to the Titanic wreck imploded, all passengers are presumed dead. One of them was Hamisch Harding, a British billionaire who was a well-known explorer and last year with Blue Origin flew into space.

The 58-year-old was no stranger to the extreme tourism. He was among a select group of space tourists who paid privately to take part in orbital missions.

Harding was involved in two record-breaking missions to the South Pole

Last year he flew on Blue Origin’s New Shepherd rocket during a 10-minute suborbital flight 107 Kilometer over the earth.

Harding also holds at least four Guinness World Records for his achievements, including the longest timewhich a human spent in the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, and the fastest flight around the world, crossing both poles.

He has also been involved in two record-breaking missions to the South Pole, the first alongside astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who became the oldest person to reach the pole in 2016, and the second, in which his 12-year-old son Giles Harding became the youngest person to reach the pole, reported “Forbes„.

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He is also a skydiver and trustee of the Explorers Club, reports The Guardian.

“I can’t believe it’s been so long, but I can’t wait for our next mission/journey/adventure! #OneMoreRecord,” Harding wrote in a tweet five months after his deep dive in the Mariana Trench in August 2021.

Hamish Harding, second from right, and his NS-21 crew members pose before their Blue Origin suborbital flight. BlueOrigin

Harding, an airline pilot who made his living selling airplanes, gave on Sunday on Instagram known that he is the OceanGate-Expedition will join aboard the Titan submersible as a mission specialist.

He added that due to the “worst Newfoundland winter in 40 years,” that mission will likely be the only one to Titanic in 2023.

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