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“Wildfire” game art picture is stolen by blockchain game-digital currency / blockchain

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Friends who are familiar with the currency circle may know the Ethereum blockchain NFT (non-homogenizable token/non-fungible token), which is to establish the unique authenticity and traceability of the product in the blockchain way, and then prove the sale of the subject matter The value of digital products, such as Twitter articles, videos, and even game characters, can be sold at a price. However, before buying NFT products, buyers may have to pay attention to whether the seller has infringed copyright.


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Recently, a new blockchain game “Epic Heros Battle” appeared on the NFT market, which will contain 10,000 randomly generated hero characters and pets. Players can purchase heroes in the form of NFT and let him join the battlefield to earn more award. But the problem is that many of the materials of “Epic Heros Battle” have been found to infringe the copyright of other games.

For example, Dan Hindes, the developer of the Steam indie game “Wildfire”, found that the key artwork of his game was officially used as the background image of the website by “Epic Heros Battle”. Dan Hindes was very angry. He tweeted: “You used our key artwork without permission. You don’t have the right to use it. I will delete it soon.”

“Epic Heros Battle” officially argued that the artwork used by the designer was obtained from the Internet, and they did not check it carefully at the time. They apologized. However, it was later discovered that the blueprint background of the future update of “Epic Heros Battle” was also stolen from the original author Boki Boki Pixelart’s image. Others discovered that “Epic Heros Battle” initially promoted Gif or Twitter account first image using other people’s material.

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With the release of more news, coupled with the verbal criticism of netizens, the official website of “Epic Heros Battle” finally deleted the infringing art pictures and closed the official Twitter (@BattlesHero).

The growth of the NFT market is accompanied by the problem of copyright infringement. Although various NFT creations have become commodities, it is difficult for buyers to confirm whether these image products are protected by copyright at the first time, which also makes the NFT investment market certain risk. There are more and more NFT products such as “Epic Heros Battle”, and the use of materials and other issues are matters that investors in the currency circle need to pay attention to.


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