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Will Berlusconi, the state 100 million. Sting for Marta Fascina

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Will Berlusconi, the state 100 million.  Sting for Marta Fascina

Berlusconi’s testament, the law commissioned by Prodi that makes Fascina “cry”. Here’s how much he will lose of those 100 million expected

We continue to discuss the will of Silvio Berlusconi. Between bureaucratic quibbles and missed citations, the documents handwritten by the Knight and stamped by notary present some anomalies which have not gone unnoticed. But the case also breaks out inheritance taxwhich when still alive had been fought forcefully by the former leader of FI, e in 2001 also abolished by his government. The question – reads Il Tempo – is the following: how much of the enormous inheritances received by the children, from Marta Fascina (100 million), Paolo Berlusconi (100 million) and Marcello Dell’Utri (30 million), will flow into the state coffers? The answer is different for each of the protagonists. This is because the Prodi government, which reinstated the tax in 2006, chose to apply staggered but still very small rates, depending on the recipient of the legacy. The total that should go to the state would be around 100 millionincluding the entire estate.

As for i sons of the former AC Milan president the application of is foreseen a rate of 4%, that established for transfers of assets and rights due to death in favor of the spouse or relatives in a direct line, on the total net value, exceeding the quota of 1 million euros for each beneficiary. So the fortune of Marina, Pier Silvio, Barbara, Luigi and Eleonora, is that the heritage inherited from their father will be tax-free up to one million euroswhile the rest would be taxed at a minimum.

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