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Windows 11 Build 22000.65 released: Domestic Emoji Panels use Flash Meng GIF data-Windows 11

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One week after members of the Windows Insider project for the Dev channel released the first preview version of Windows 11, Microsoft changed the version today, and the version number was upgraded to Windows 11 Build 22000.65. This version change brings a lot of BUG fixes and improvements, as well as detailed adjustments.


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Unlike the Dev channel for Windows 10, Windows 11 updates are estimated to be in the form of cumulative updates before the official release, because most of the system’s content has been completed. This means that before the official release, the version number of Windows 11 will start with Build 22000. However, due to the modularity and componentization of the operating system, the company may introduce more UI changes through the functional experience package without affecting the underlying construction.

The following are the main improvements in Windows 11 Build 22000.65

● The start menu now provides a search box so that users can find what they want faster

● The taskbar can now be displayed across multiple monitors and can be enabled via Settings>Personalization>Taskbar.

● Several system prompt dialog boxes have been updated, such as the prompt when the laptop battery is low, and the prompt when you change the display settings with the new Windows 11 visual design.

● The “Power Mode” setting can now be used on the “Power and Battery” page in the Settings app.

● Right-click on the desktop and there is now a refresh option directly, no need to click “show more options”.


● Right-clicking a .ps1 file in the File Explorer now has an option to run with PowerShell, without clicking “Show more options”.

● When using a PC with a small screen, the available snapshot layout has been optimized for this pose. You can now choose to buckle three applications on top of each other instead of four windows.

● Based on the cooperation with China’s most popular GIF provider weshineapp.com, GIF selection can now be provided to Windows Insiders in China through the emoji panel (WIN + .). If the location is set to China, then the GIF from the weshineapp.com website will be provided.

QQ screenshot 20210709093829.jpg

● Right-click on the volume icon in the taskbar, which now includes an option to troubleshoot sound issues.

A large number of issues have been fixed in the new version, the most noteworthy of which is the repair of a high-risk vulnerability in PrintNightmare. Because there are too many improvements, the following are classified by application:

mission Board

● Fixed an issue where it was impossible to click the Show Desktop button on the very edge of the taskbar with the mouse.

● Fixed the problem that the date and time in the taskbar cannot reflect your favorite format.

● Fixed the issue that the preview window may not display the entire window when hovering over the task view on the taskbar.

● Fixed an issue that if you set the focus on the opened application preview thumbnail window after pressing WIN + T, pressing ESC or clicking on the desktop will not dismiss the window.

● Fixed an issue that if you rotate the computer to portrait and then to landscape, the application icon may not be displayed on the taskbar, although there is space.

Set up

● Fixed an issue that caused the settings to fail to start. If you were affected during a previous flight, please see here.

● Fixed the obvious animation pause when closing them by clicking the respective icons in the Quick Settings and Notification Center in the taskbar.

● Fixed the problem of missing shadows in the quick settings and notification center windows.

● Fixed an issue where the quick setting could not be started by setting the keyboard focus to the quick setting in the taskbar and pressing the enter key.

● Fixed an issue that if you delete all settings except volume, the quick settings will not be displayed correctly.

● Fixed an issue to alleviate the problem of accidental activation of the focus assist system.

● Fixed the animation problem when adjusting the size of the touch keyboard in the settings.

● Fixed an issue where the login option in the settings had an unexpected checkbox under facial recognition and no text.

● Fixed an issue where the button for disconnecting work or school accounts in the account settings did not work.

● Fixed an issue that there is a switch without text in the lock screen settings.

● Fixed an issue that the lock screen setting has a switch without text.

● Fixed the problem that the title of the advanced options page under Windows Update in “Settings” may be missing.

● Fixed the problem that the “Windows Privacy Options” at the bottom of “Privacy and Security”> “Search Permissions” in “Settings” did not work.

● Fixed the problem that the “Open Navigation” button may overlap with other text.

● Fixed an issue that caused settings to crash when applying themes under contrast.

● Fixed an issue where the “Settings” section of some non-English languages ​​unexpectedly used English.

File Explorer

● Fixed an issue that caused pinned and unpinned applications from “Start” to not work, the command bar in File Explorer disappeared, and the snapshot layout unexpectedly did not appear until you restarted your PC.

● Fixed an issue that may cause elements in the title bar of File Explorer to be unreadable due to low contrast.

● Fixed an issue where some icons in File Explorer might become blurred.

● Fixed an issue that when you click on the option, the “View More” menu in the File Explorer command bar will not be dismissed.

● Fixed an issue that may cause the inability to create a new folder on the desktop.

search for

● Fixed an issue that caused gray boxes to sometimes appear in search instead of app icons.

● Fixed an issue that may cause the search to abandon the first keypress when pressing the Windows key and starting to type.

● Fixed an issue that when you hover your mouse over the search icon on the taskbar, the third most recent search will not load, but will remain blank.

● Fixed an issue that if you search for Windows Update, it will open the settings, but will not navigate to the Windows Update settings page.

small tools

● Fixed an issue that the system text zoom is to scale all widgets proportionally and may cause widgets to be cropped.

● Fixed an issue where when using a screen reader/narrator in a gadget, it sometimes failed to announce the content correctly.

● Fixed an issue where adjusting the size of the currency widget may cause it to display nothing in the lower half.

other aspects

● Fixed a memory leak problem, which is obvious when using a C# print sample.

● Fixed a problem that caused an error in safe mode, that is, 0xc0000005–unexpected parameter.

● Fixed two issues that may cause explorer.exe to start to crash in the loop, when the display language is set to Russian or multiple input methods are enabled.

● Fixed an issue. If you minimize a full screen window and then restore it, it may cause win32kfull error checking.

● Fixed an issue that caused some WSL users to see “parameters are incorrect” when opening the Windows terminal.

● Fixed an issue that caused the window under ALT+Tab to be blurred.

● Fixed an issue that when Korean IME users use ALT + Tab, the taskbar will flicker.

● Fixed an issue that affected the reliability of the user interface displayed when using WIN + Space to switch input methods.

● Fixed an issue that affected the reliability of voice input.

● Fixed an issue that caused the “New Clipping within X Seconds” option in Snip & Sketch to not work.

As expected, there are a bunch of known issues, and the company is tracking this version. The following is the complete list:

[提醒]When upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or installing Windows 11 updates, some functions may be discarded or deleted. Please see the details here.

Start Menu

● In some cases, when using search from the start or the taskbar, you may not be able to enter text. If you encounter this problem, please press WIN + R on the keyboard to start the run dialog, and then close it.

mission Board

● When switching input methods, the taskbar sometimes flickers.

● Dragging an application icon to rearrange it in the taskbar will cause the application to start or minimize.

Set up

● When starting the “Settings” application, a short green flash may appear.

● When using quick settings to modify accessibility settings, the settings user interface may not save the selected state.

File Explorer

● When “Open Folder in Independent Process” is enabled under File Explorer Options>View, a new command bar may not appear.

● When the battery level is 100%, the exe crashes in the loop for insiders who use the Turkish display language.

● When you right-click on the desktop or file explorer, the resulting context menu and submenus may partially appear off the screen.

search for

● After clicking the “Search” icon on the taskbar, the “Search” panel may not open. If this happens, restart the “Windows Explorer” process and open the search panel again.

● When you hover your mouse over the “Search” icon on the taskbar, recent searches may not be displayed. To solve this problem, please restart your computer.

● The search panel may be displayed in black, and nothing is displayed below the search box.

small tools

● The widget board may appear empty. To solve this problem, you can log out and log in again.

● Starting the link from the widget board may not call the application to the foreground.

● When using the Outlook client of a Microsoft account, the changes of the calendar and to-do items may not be synchronized to the widget in real time.

● Small components may be displayed in the wrong size on the external monitor. If you encounter this situation, you can start the widget on your actual PC monitor first by touching or WIN + W shortcut, and then on your secondary monitor.

● After quickly adding multiple widgets from widget settings, some widgets may not be visible on the board.


● In some limited circumstances, the installation button may not work yet.

● Ratings and reviews of some apps are not available.

Windows security

● Device security unexpectedly displays “Standard hardware security is not supported” for Insiders using supported hardware.

● When you restart your computer, “Automatic sample submission” is unexpectedly turned off.

Like the preview version, Dev channel users running Windows 11 will be able to pull this version through Windows Update. The company also encourages users to review Bug Bash tasks to help provide feedback. The company also pointed out that it is still studying all the feedback from the first preview, so it expects more changes and improvements soon.

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