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“With a software and an avatar the Metaverse has no limits”

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“With a software and an avatar the Metaverse has no limits”

The Alphabet of the Future project tries to design the future that awaits us and to understand what will be new. One of the drivers of the years to come will surely be innovation. Alphabet of the Future has questioned what the novelties may be that will force us to rethink our way of being in the world. One of these is the Metaverse or rather the Metaverses.

These are new virtual worlds in three dimensions in which it is possible to interact between users but where it is also possible to launch one’s own creations, one’s own ideas that can be sold or made available to other users. The Metaversi are not just one but they can exceed a hundred, each with its own name. The best known is certainly Meta, which is headed by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. And it was Zuckerberg’s launch of his Meta that turned the spotlight on this new phenomenon. Experts see great development opportunities in this reality. In the meantime, this novelty is depopulating in the mainstream and especially on social networks. For some observers it is a phenomenon destined to grow a lot and perhaps to upset every aspect of our future life.

Explaining what the Metaverse is is not easy. “It is certainly not the place of perdition or quick enrichment through the sale of NFT as it has been described in recent times” explains Davide Borra, digital architect of No real interactive, a company that has been developing everything that enters it for more than 20 years. in the field of 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality, including Metaverses.

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How do you get into the Metaverse? «To get there, you just need a software that is the tool that allows you to have access to this world – explains the expert -. However, you need to create your own profile and your own avatar, that is to say an alter ego for the virtual world “.

The social aggregation that pushes many to enter the Metaverse is not everything. “This channel is also becoming economically relevant -. explains Davide Borra -. For example, in the Metaverse shops, sales spaces are created, events are created, or exhibitions of digital works that can be purchased ». All this, if wisely managed, can lead to excellent earnings. Transactions take place with the coin of the Metaverse (token) that you have chosen to attend. This can then be converted directly into dollars or it can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies. The possibilities are so many. And new ideas are born all the time. «The Metaversi are like real life, but without its limits – concludes Davide Borra -. Attending these spaces costs very little. Furthermore, you can go out whenever you want with maximum flexibility, giving your creative talent the maximum opportunity to express itself ».

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