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With Bper the historic headquarters of the Cassa are reborn in L’Aquila

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A step towards the return to normality and the full rebirth of the city. The inauguration of the Bper Banca branch in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, after a long and careful renovation and restoration, following the damage caused by the 2009 earthquake, assumes a very significant significance for L’Aquila. however, at an inauguration like many others. In fact, it has reopened a historic building, a symbol of the life and industriousness of the community, which has finally returned to its former glory. This is the seat of the ancient L’Aquila savings bank, a real emblem of the community, located along the “corso”, in a strategic urban space known as “the four cantons”, where, among others, the Palace of Justice, the Post Office, the Town Hall and the Finance Office.

It is a building of about 6 thousand square meters, where the intervention was carried out for a total amount of about 11 million euros which involved the entire building, making the basement, the ground floor, with the offices for customers functional, the first floor, with the offices of the general management, and the second floor where the regional management offices and private banking are located, for a total of 4 thousand square meters. The functional completion works of the former Cassa di Risparmio building, on the other hand, were carried out for an amount of 3 million 600 thousand euros and the construction site was returned on 30 June.


Flavia Mazzarella. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bper Banca

“One of the symbolic buildings of the city center was the subject of an important intervention and is finally back to life – commented Giuseppe Marco Litta, head of the regional management of Bper Banca Abruzzo Molise – L’Aquila regains its history and Bper Banca testifies attention to the territory by bringing the most important branch of the city back to this location, also moving some general management offices of the bank. We are happily back in the historic center, in a wonderful building ». The return of Bper Banca to the center is therefore a sign of the economic and social restart and of continuity as it brings with it a history of local banks, which have become solid points of reference for the local community, with which relationships have been built over the years of cohesion and authenticity: at the time of the earthquake the Cassa di Risparmio dell’Aquila belonged to the federal group of the bank of Emilia Romagna, but the branch became unusable following the earthquake and was moved elsewhere.

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“Another stage of this path takes place in 2013 – continues Litta – when the merger by incorporation into the parent company of all the banks in the area was carried out (and for Abruzzo it was Cassa di Risparmio dell’Aquila and Banca Popolare di Lanciano and Sulmona, ed). Today Bper Banca has brought the most important headquarters in the city back to this building, together with the general management offices. It was a long-awaited moment and was greeted by everyone with great emotion ». A total of 75 employees work between the branch and the offices.

“For Bper Banca, for the city and for the entire Abruzzo region, this is a historic event that once again seals the solid and profound relationship with our Institute – said Flavia Mazzarella, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bper Bank – I live with particular emotion this moment, aware of the role that the Bank has always played and will continue to play, alongside families and businesses, in consolidating the path of rebirth and development of the L’Aquila community. From this point of view, the long-awaited return to the headquarters in the center, in addition to having a strong symbolic value, is also a very concrete sign of closeness and support to the population and institutions ».

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