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Work, Uil launches a campaign against precarious and undeclared work: “Three million ghosts”

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Work, Uil launches a campaign against precarious and undeclared work: “Three million ghosts”

ROMA – Fifty euros to work 14 hours a day in a restaurant: this is the proposal made to a girl looking for work in Rome. This, and other complaints, arrived at the Brancaccio Theater this morning on the occasion of the celebrations for the 74 years of Uil. The Secretary Pierpaolo Bombardieri launched a campaign against precariousness and against illegal work. “In Italy there are three million illegal workers, we must act so that these ghosts return to being people with a contract and a stable job.”

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Bombardieri presented a survey developed together with Eures on INPS data: in 2022, compared to 8.15 million employment contracts activated in the private sector, only 17% (equal to 1.388 million) constitute permanent contracts , 4.3% (equal to 354 thousand units) is an apprenticeship contract, while 78.6% (equal to 6.4 million units) is represented by precarious forms of work, i.e. fixed-term, seasonal, temporary or intermittent. The data relating to the first nine months of 2023 confirm the results of the previous year, with 79.5% of “atypical” contracts against 20.5% of stable contracts (4.98 million units against 1.289 million).

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Also from the analysis of the mandatory communications that employers are required to send to the Ministry of Labor in the event of activation, termination, transformation or extension of the employment relationship, it emerges that 33.7% of the employment relationships terminated in 2022 had a duration no more than 30 days, while another 17% had a duration between 31 and 90 days; 31.7% of terminated relationships had a duration between 91 and 365 days, and only 17.5% had a longer duration. A situation that especially affects young people, and in fact only one in 10 young people aged between 15 and 34, according to a survey by Eures-National Youth Council, tries to ask for a mortgage.

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“Let’s start a campaign to make these ghosts become people. – Bombardieri announces – We ask public opinion and politicians to deal with these people. We cross-reference the start-up data provided by INPS and the ministry, they tell us that there is a percentage higher than 40% of fixed-term workers. Then there are three million illegal workers, there is a phenomenon of the underground economy which is no longer talked about in this country. There are workers who are loaded in the morning by the gangmasters on via Palmiro Togliatti. These are real life stories in the capital. The latest accidents at work have shown that there are immigrant workers who work without contracts who we need to worry about.”

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