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Wuhan doctor Ai Fen exposes the bribery list of “Aier” in the eye hospital | Aier Ophthalmology | Epoch Times

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[The Epoch Times, January 11, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Gu Xiaohua and Gao Miao interviewed and reported) Ai Fen, director of the emergency department of Wuhan Central Hospital, recently disclosed 4 lists of Aier Ophthalmology bribes to state officials on the Internet, accusing Ai Fen of bribery of state officials. In the form of referral fees, Seoul Ophthalmology Department made large-scale medical bribes. She told the media that Aier wanted to be private with her at one point, but she refused.

According to a report by Lu media “Financial Circle”, the hospitals involved in the list are suspected to point to Aier Eye Hospital in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province. According to the reporter’s statistics, the list involves nearly 500 doctors and patients, and the amount of kickbacks involved is nearly 800,000 yuan. The bribes include medical staff and military recruits.

On January 10, Ai Fen told The Epoch Times that the list published on the Internet was “recently sent to me by Aier’s internal staff”, “I already knew about this model of Aier’s full-staff marketing. I have checked the parties involved. , someone has admitted it. Anyone who recommends surgery in Ireland can get the money.”

On January 9, Suqian Aier Ophthalmology issued an emergency notice claiming that the hospital has been involved in irregular business operations recently. It has been rectified as early as 2019, and the employees who violated the regulations have been severely dealt with, and the management team has been replaced. However, the statement also indirectly acknowledged the fact that Suqian Aier Eye Clinic received kickbacks, but did not announce the list of punishment results.

In addition, according to the announcement of the Hebei Hengshui Market Supervision Bureau, this is not the first time that Aier Ophthalmology has been exposed to “rebates”. In June 2020, Hengshui Aier Ophthalmology, a subsidiary of Aier Ophthalmology, was fined 190,000 yuan by the Hengshui State Administration of Market Supervision for introducing patients through doctors and transferring a certain percentage of the operation fee to the recommended doctor.

According to the announcement of Hebei Hengshui Market Supervision Bureau, Hengshui Aier Ophthalmology, a subsidiary of Aier Eye, was also revealed to have received “rebates” in 2020. (webpage Screenshot)

After the cataract surgery, Aier is blind in the right eye

In May 2020, Ai Fen had to undergo three operations at Wuhan Central Hospital due to retinal detachment after cataract surgery at Wuchang Aier Eye Hospital. During the period, Ai Fen claimed to have requested the original examination photo from Aier Eye Department, but an inspection photo sent to her by Wang Yong, the vice president of Aier Eye Department, she suspected was tampered with and exchanged.

On January 4, 2021, Aier Eye Hospital announced the emergency self-examination report carried out in Wuhan, saying that “Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital has problems in the implementation of medical management standards and a weak sense of responsibility in this incident.” However, The report insisted that the retinal detachment in the patient’s right eye was not directly related to the cataract surgery.

However, according to Ai Fen to The Epoch Times, “the hospital tried to reach a settlement by giving me money, but I refused.”

She said, “Now my right eye is basically useless. It has a light perception of 0.1. I plan to continue to let him restore my real medical treatment process until he gives me the real case information, and then go to legal proceedings in the future. .”

She said, “As a patient, I ask to restore my real medical treatment experience, which is the most reasonable request.”

She emphasized that private hospitals must develop in a standardized way, must be standardized, and follow the right path, and must not violate discipline and regulations.

Rights protection is interfered by interest groups and officials of the National Health Commission

For this reason, Ai Fen continued to criticize the marketing insider and corruption of Aier Eye Clinic on the Internet. She told The Epoch Times that she was under pressure from all sides, including the Weibo administrator to delete her posts.

Two recordings of more than an hour in total provided to Radio Free Asia by an insider show that in November last year, Zhang, a middleman who traveled in the media and medical fields, proposed to Ai Fen for 3 million privately, and at the same time threatened Ai Fen. Finn said that an investigation has been carried out on her family and financial situation, and she does not rule out fighting back against her. Zhang also repeatedly emphasized that it was the National Health and Medical Commission who hoped that “Aier” would spend money to settle the matter.

However, the insider refused to disclose which leaders of the National Health and Construction Commission put pressure on Ai Fen.

According to Ai Fen’s post on Weibo, (Jingzhou) Aier Eye Hospital CEO Luo Guangming, former head of Huangshi Port District, later member of the Standing Committee of the Huangshi Municipal Party Committee, executive vice mayor, director of publicity (in charge of culture, education and health), and the current Huangshi Municipal People’s Congress Luo Guanghui, Secretary of the Standing Committee Party Group, is a brother. Some netizens corrected and said they were cousins. However, Affin believes that “brothers and cousins ​​are all brothers”.

In addition, Ai Fen also said on Weibo, “There are large and small local umbrellas behind AIER in every region, and the largest protection umbrella even occupies important positions in local administrative organs. The designated persons of these umbrellas are directly involved in the operation and management of AIER Ophthalmology. .”

A former senior executive of Aier revealed to Ai Fen that a sure way of bribery of Aier Ophthalmology is to give or sell the option shares of partners in Aier’s new hospital to the family members of the relevant leaders and the designated head, so as to ensure that the leaders will provide It escorted the hospital until two or three years later when the hospital returned to its capital and made a profit, and was then acquired by Aier Group at a premium.

Ai Fen wrote: “This is the real reason why Huangshi Aier Eye Hospital has been able to engage in hospital and intermediate hospitals, illegal medical practice, tax evasion and other violations of law and discipline since 1997, but has not been punished for a long time.” And these umbrellas and capital Collusion also makes it impossible for patients to defend their rights and causes harm to the people.

The Epoch Times reporter called the headquarters of Aier Ophthalmology Group and the monitoring and reporting department, but no one answered, and the phone of Aier Ophthalmology in Suqian, Jiangsu could not be connected.

Responsible editor: Gao Jing#


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